Sunday, January 27, 2013

Man of the Mist

Today is my Dad's birthday. He is 64. I always know how old he is because he is exactly 30 years and 2 days older than me. I also always know how old he is because he's my Dad, but the timing thing helps out as we get older and more forgetful...(I'll be 34 in two days, aaaaaaghhh!! Where have the years gone?)

Last month my dad flew over from Oahu for work, and we got to hang out with him for an evening. It was Monday night, hence family home evening night in our house. My Dad said he had a special "FHE" lesson planned for us, so after dinner, we settled in on the couches for a lesson from good, ol' Grandpa Bill!
 I was really excited, wondering what he would share with our family! I know he recently took a trip to the Sacred Grove, and visited some historical church sights on the east coast. Perhaps he would share some insights into Joseph Smith's first vision, or the impact his trip had on his spiritual well being....

But no, not this time, for he had something else important to share. It was a story about a lovely young Native American maiden who was forced to marry a stinky old man who smelled like a bear. This young maiden lived with her family in a tribe near Niagara Falls. She was feeling so heartbroken and bitter about her horrible fate, that she paddled her canoe over Niagara Falls to her death. The story goes, that ever since her fateful plunge into the falls, the mist from the gigantic waterfalls, has been know as the "Maid of the Mist."

Here is my dad retelling the story, fully dressed in protective mist ponchos, from his voyage to the famous falls. He is actually wearing 3 rain ponchos, which he took off one by one during his lesson to show the kids what each one looked like.

Well,  I wish I had a picture of me laughing really hard, because that's exactly what I was doing during his "lesson". It was just really, really hilarious...and silly, and unconventional, and exactly the kind of lesson I would expect from my wonderful dad. Thanks for the laughs and smiles, Dad!  You always bring happiness, laughter, and fun into our lives! We love you, we love your stories,  and we wish you a 
Happy 64th Birthday!!


Da Denninghoff's said...

Hmmmm I have a sneaky suspicion that you got your fun & silliness from daddy:) Super cute!

Sally Jackson said...

Ha! Your probably right. WE come from a long line of silly people. :)