Saturday, March 23, 2013

Who You Are-by Hilary Weeks

I was so inspired by this song, that I created a slide-show to carry me through the tough days of motherhood. I'm so grateful to be a daughter of God! I believe in who I am, and I believe in what I'm doing!
Thank you to singer/songwriter Hilary Weeks for the beautiful inspiration, and big mahalo to my wonderful VT's for being inspired to bring me this CD last week. Love you both!
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

These Short Years Ahead

I've been touched so many ways this past week in hearing the things I need to hear at the exact moment I needed to hear them. I know that God answers my prayers constantly, and He has spent this entire week proving to me how much he loves me and is mindful of everything I do. He is real, my friends. I know this with  Life can get really overwhelming at times and It's easy for me to get caught up in whatever I'm thinking, and unfortunately my thoughts are not always pure and beautiful like I wish they would always be. Yes, I am a weak human being. But God loves me anyways, and is patiently waiting to help me and bless me, especially when I humbly ask.

One day this past week, as I was riding in the car with my Visiting Teaching companion, she said exactly  the words I needed to hear in the moment. She was telling me about her life growing up in Hong Kong, and how while all the other moms were busy working and sending their kids to daycare, her mom chose to stay home. As a young, Chinese mother living in the city, her mother got a lot of negative slack from her friends and family for doing this. It just wasn't the cool thing to do, and people often looked down on her. But, as my friend explained, her mother looks back on being with her children with so much happiness, and so much joy. She explained,"My mother was able to teach us everything she wanted us to know. Now we are all moved away, and she is happy." She then said in her sweet Chinese accent,"I think that what you are doing for your children is the right thing to do, and that you should be happy in what you are doing, too."
After I dropped her off I cried my eyes out. Nothing I could think of prompted her to say those things, but I needed to hear them, and her simple story touched me so much. 

My first baby turned seven today, and it has been very heavy on my heart how fast this time is flying by in raising him. Some days are really tough-going, homeschooling and being with my kids 24/7, yet I am so happy I get to spend this time with them, teaching them all I want them to know. Just like Ming said,  they will be gone before too long.  

The next morning I gathered my little ones around me and prayed with them. I then shared my testimony of God and his love for them, and of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I told them that obedience to the commandments of God will bring them happiness and closeness to their family. I told them that Micah and Mama love each other very much and will be married forever and ever. I told them that I love them so much and am so lucky to be their Mama. These are the things I wanted them to know at that moment. I have lots more to say, and lots more to share with them. It's going to be a wonderful long journey together, these short years ahead.

Zadok playing in a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament on his birthday today.
My what a big, grown-up boy he is becoming!

Monday, March 4, 2013

March Forth!

It's my favorite day again! It happens every year. I like to pretend it's my New Year's Day-- the day I get to wipe my slate clean, start over, and march forth towards new horizons. (March 4th!)

This past year has been filled with lots of marching forth, as I've been moving towards new understandings of myself, my family, and how I can be a better person and mother. It's been exactly one year ago today since I faced the reality about my depression and got the help that I needed to march forth. It was during this past year that I decided  to let go completely of memories that brought me pain and hurt, marching forth away from negativity. It was also among this past year that I decided to put my health first, taking care of all the things I wasn't happy about so I could march forth feeling confident and happy with myself! (like fixing my rotten tooth, changing my dependence on sugar, and making myself wear a hat and sunscreen.) It was during this past year that I truly began to understand the special needs of my hardest child and how I can be the mother he needs, so he can march forth, too.

Marching forth isn't always easy to do. I will always have things I struggle with and want to change. 
For instance, I am sometimes a crappy listener, I don't pay attention to important details that matter to my spouse, I tune out my children when I'm tired and I spend more time on facebook than on current events.
However, I found this formula that may help:
Although I consider myself a very happy person,  I also think it's important to stay aware  of the changes that need to occur if I ever hit an unhappy bump in the road. If I ever start feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I know that something needs to change. I am grateful for this awareness, and  feel that marching forth is the only way to make those changes. Today I would like to march forth towards being a better spouse, a better listener, and a better communicator. It's easy to ignore the little things that I stink at, until they start piling up on me all at once.  

Aloha for now my friends, and Happy March Fourth!

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Indoors, Outdoors, Rainy, Rainy Hilo!

We had about 2 weeks of non-stop, consecutive rainy days, and a cold spell along with it! I am SO ready for the sun! You have to be really creative when the rain hits here, because there aren't  a lot of indoor options in Hilo. We have one tiny mall, including a bouncy castle store, a library, 2 museums that are kid-friendly, and Keiki Steps. Beyond that, everything else is outside. So when the big, fat, chubby rain is coming down every-which-way, (it evens rains sideways through our living room window), you have no choice but to stay inside (and shut the windows)!
Here's a few things we did over these past couple of rainy weeks:

I found a fake money set at Ross and set up a store in the extra room. The boys loved this activity so much! We had to set up rules about who could be the shop keeper and who could be the customer, so everyone could have a turn and get along. We sold stuff from our own toy stash.
Odin setting up shop.

Handling the money
Zadok trying to decide what to purchase with his huge, money wad.
Zadok made this sign when we took a break.
 We dropped into Keiki Steps a few times to let the boys run around. They had set up a kiddie pool filled with shredded paper, rubber bugs, and Easter eggs. I loved this idea!
 It kept the boys busy, as they searched for treasures and rolled around in confetti!
Filling plastic eggs with confetti!
The sensory tubs are always fun, too. Colorful rice and noodles to pour and feel.

Jonah took a nice nap on the couch one day. He fell asleep watching Star Wars with Micah and the boys while I was at the gym.

The sun finally made an appearance two days ago so we raced for the seashore. Nothing makes me happier than letting my children run freely out in nature, playing in the sand, and making discoveries of their own. Pure joy! 
Black sand beach near Richardson's Beach Park.

Favorite find of the day-resting Honu
Jonah loves sea turtles.
I enjoyed our indoor days, but being outside with my family makes me purely happy. I know I always say that, but it's never-ending.