Saturday, March 2, 2013

Indoors, Outdoors, Rainy, Rainy Hilo!

We had about 2 weeks of non-stop, consecutive rainy days, and a cold spell along with it! I am SO ready for the sun! You have to be really creative when the rain hits here, because there aren't  a lot of indoor options in Hilo. We have one tiny mall, including a bouncy castle store, a library, 2 museums that are kid-friendly, and Keiki Steps. Beyond that, everything else is outside. So when the big, fat, chubby rain is coming down every-which-way, (it evens rains sideways through our living room window), you have no choice but to stay inside (and shut the windows)!
Here's a few things we did over these past couple of rainy weeks:

I found a fake money set at Ross and set up a store in the extra room. The boys loved this activity so much! We had to set up rules about who could be the shop keeper and who could be the customer, so everyone could have a turn and get along. We sold stuff from our own toy stash.
Odin setting up shop.

Handling the money
Zadok trying to decide what to purchase with his huge, money wad.
Zadok made this sign when we took a break.
 We dropped into Keiki Steps a few times to let the boys run around. They had set up a kiddie pool filled with shredded paper, rubber bugs, and Easter eggs. I loved this idea!
 It kept the boys busy, as they searched for treasures and rolled around in confetti!
Filling plastic eggs with confetti!
The sensory tubs are always fun, too. Colorful rice and noodles to pour and feel.

Jonah took a nice nap on the couch one day. He fell asleep watching Star Wars with Micah and the boys while I was at the gym.

The sun finally made an appearance two days ago so we raced for the seashore. Nothing makes me happier than letting my children run freely out in nature, playing in the sand, and making discoveries of their own. Pure joy! 
Black sand beach near Richardson's Beach Park.

Favorite find of the day-resting Honu
Jonah loves sea turtles.
I enjoyed our indoor days, but being outside with my family makes me purely happy. I know I always say that, but it's never-ending.

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arianne said...

What fun you've been up to. That black sand is stunning. I just love your photots.