Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hapuna Weekend

We rented one of those little A-frame shelters at Hapuna Beach over the weekend, on the other side of the island from where we live. It costs 33 bucks a night, and feels like a glorified tent, with mosquito netting and all. It was pretty awesome. You can either sleep on either sides of the middle table on wooden platforms, or lay down some padding on the cement floor. We did both! That's Micah blowing up our air mattress for the night. (which actually deflated halfway through the night--hello cement!)

Here's Odin all snuggled up in his new sleeping bag. This day was also his birthday!
We only stayed for one night, yet that was enough for our little family, for the first time. Since we don't get over to the big, white sandy beaches as often as we'd like, we end up rather beat up by the end of the day when we do. All of the sun, sand, and salt water leaves chaffing and sunburns all over our skin. We go home at the end of the day sleep-deprived and worn down, yet completely exhilarated from all the fun.
The thing I was looking forward to the most about this trip was waking up in the morning to the sunrise on the sand. One of my favorite childhood pastimes is going for early-morning swims, while watching the sun stretch it's warming rays over the island. This one didn't disappoint!
I loved being out on the beach watching my family play in the sand, before the crowds showed up. It was just us and our friends we came with, and a few morning walkers. Very peaceful.
We stayed at the beach all morning, until lunch, playing in the sand, swimming, sun-bathing, going for walks, and having a blast. Jonah was happy to be outside, clinging onto his favorite "Daddy Duck" most of the day. Here they are going for a walk to see the elephant. (keep reading)
The kids found some fresh water springs bubbling up out of the sand. The smallest things can capture their curiosity. Here they are, reaching down into the cool, fresh water for pebbles collected there.
At the very end of the beach near the hotel we found a family building a large elephant in the sand. They were vacationing from Illinois. We were super impressed with their amazing talent and dedication, in creating this masterpiece! Thank you John, Gina, and Johnny for making us all smile!
Don't forget to notice that the elephant is indeed wearing polka dot swim shorts.
We had a wonderful weekend, and will do this again, I'm sure! The cabins are reasonably priced, comfortable, and perfect for a little family wanting an adventure away from home. There was also  communal bathrooms, showers, and a full kitchen for our usage. Some of my other favorite parts of the weekend were simply hanging out, playing games, laughing, and sharing food with friends. I didn't get enough  pictures, but we had a great time for sure!
Oh, and my henna hand by 11 year old Molly. She's got some mad-inking-skills that girl!
Aloha and have fun!

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