Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Homeschooling Hawaiians

I've organized our extra room to be more user-friendly! No more doing projects at the kitchen table while quickly wiping away dirty dishes and food crumbs. It's much better to have space for this purpose.
 I'm pleased to say that homeschooling at the Jackson house has reached a peaceful balance! It took me quite a while to get here-to find our niche and groove in life, however, I'm feeling pretty good about the direction we are heading now. Looking back on this past year and half, I found that my challenges with wanting and trying to homeschool my children didn't lie in homeschooling itself, but in finding peace within myself and my family. I needed some time to search out and find answers to my struggles with my most challenging child, with my inner-happiness, and with the adjustments we were making to our new lives here on the Big island. The current result as of now, is that I still believe in homeschooling and I still want to do it! I truly enjoy each wonderful, adventurous, challenging, heartwarming, and mind-opening day with my children, and look forward to many years ahead together.

This week we learned about the eight phases of the moon. This activity can be found here: Moon Phases Craft

I've also been dedicating a lot of my time and energy to the East Hawaii Homeschool Hui Group. I run weekly kickball games, and basically cheer lead anyone on who wants to plan an activity and get people motivated to connect together. The group has grown exponentially these past few months, with more and more homeschoolers coming out of the wood-works! We've met so many amazing people and have made some amazing new friends! The boys are really happy with the new social connections we've made, and look forward to special time with their buddies.

Each week on the blog I've been doing a feature of a local, homeschooling family. Our feature is here:

This coming Fall we are trying something new for home-schooling. We've signed up with an online local Charter school here in Hawaii, which we can correspond with via the net. Through their system we can order art supplies, sign up for community classes, receive free museum memberships, as well as curriculum. There
will be homework and deadlines and teachers!  This will be a new challenge for us, considering we've just been flying by the seat of our pants so far, but I feel like it will be more fun than annoying, and will treat it as a family project. I'm excited for the future!

How's your homeschooling experience going? Are you at a peaceful place? Are you adjusting to changes, or facing challenges? I think it will constantly change and evolve over the years. 

Happy Homeschooling!

**Zadok inquired one day,"Since we live in Hawaii, that makes us Hawaiians, right?" 
Well, teachnically that should be our title, but I think it would get confused with the actual Native Hawaiians, was my answer. But, we're not Native Hawaiians, but we do live in Hawaii..... So I guess that makes us by default, Hawaiians?? 

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arianne said...

Cool moon activity. We'll have to try it. Glad you've found a groove. And little Jonah looks so much like you. I can't believe it! Hugs!