Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mama's Fresh Sheets

I was awoken the other night with that same familiar call from Odin's room. "Mama!" he cried. Then again even longer,"Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!' This time drawn out a little louder and more dramatically. I got up wearily out of my bed and walked to his room. It was 3am and the house was dark and qiet.
"Yes Odin?", I asked. Although I already knew what he would say because he says the same thing almost every night.
"I'm shi-shi." he replied softly.
Shi-shi is the Japanese word for pee. It is commonly used here in Hawaii as a slang for having to go to the bathroom. Such as, "Eh, do you have to make shi-shi?"
When Odin tells me that he's shi-shi, it means he's wet the bed...again.

I moved quickly and automatically, doing the same thing I've done on more nights than I can count:
I have him stand up.
I remove his wet clothes.
I remove his sheets and blanket, all soaked through to the plastic covering beneath.
I throw the soaked linens in the laundry basket in the hallway.
I walk to the hall closet.
I grab a dry towel, a set of fresh sheets, and a clean blanket.
I dry Odin off, put new pajamas on him, make his bed, and tuck him back in.
He then falls asleep immediately, drifting back into happy sleep-land.

When my duty is done I usually drag my feet back to my bed and quickly fall asleep myself, hoping desperately for no more interruptions, but on this one particular night, as I plopped myself back into bed, I felt overwhelmed with a feeling of pride. I'm not sure where this feeling came from, and it only lingered for a second, yet I hung onto it intensely as I thought about it's meaning. I felt honestly, truly proud to be a mother; to be the only one in the world who could love and care for my little Odin like this. It felt really good and It felt deeply rewarding. 

This moment made me truly grateful, not just for myself, but for mothers everywhere, and for their awesome responsibility to love and nurture their children.
I know that the tedious job of endless laundry isn't my favorite thing in the world to do as a mom, but tucking my sweet, little five year old back into bed, comfortable and happy between his fresh set of sheets, is.

I wanted to wish all the mothers and mothering nurturers out there a very happy Mother's Day. I hope that the next time you grab a fresh set of sheets out of the closet, remind yourself how very needed you are! You are a mother, and these little things you do make such a difference.

"One cannot forget mother and remember God. One cannot remember mother and forget God. Why? Because these two sacred persons, God and Mother, partners in creation, love, sacrifice, and service, are as ONE." -Thomas S. Monson.
Mother's Day photo right before church. The boys made me ti-leaf leis.


Unknown said...

These are the same thoughts and overwhelming feelings I would get as well raising you four precious darlings. One of you was my famous bedwetter to but to your credit, I cant remember who. Mightve been 2 of you. And that's to Odins credit too, maybe you wont remember either haha. I have a feeling you will esp. Since written it down so eloquently Love love love you

Da Denninghoff's said...

Thank you for sharing your insights. We all need those reminders of how blessed we truly are. Those moments of pride are precious and sometimes don't occur often. That's so awesome of you to recognize that feeling and truly embrace it:)

Sally Jackson said...

Love your comments. Thank you