Saturday, June 15, 2013

Creating Jobs Kahuku Style

While on our vacation to Oahu last week, Micah and I joked about opening up our very own shave-ice truck, which we would park on the North Shore during the hot and busy beach days! We would sell the original "Big island Ice-Shave" in all sorts of exotic flavors like Kulolo, Ube, Haupia, and Waiwe. We would make billions of dollars and build a huge house in Mokuleia and have twenty children who would then drive the truck and sell shave ice while we rotated surfing and snorkeling sessions all day. "It's going to be awesome!," we decided.  But let's face it, that's probably never going to happen-- In most part because we're happy right where we are in Hilo, living the life we're living, but most importantly because we are horrible at selling stuff. In fact, we stopped into Pizza Bob's for pizza one night where I had waitressed for many years in my young adult-life and It was such a relief for me to be on the other side of the table eating the pizza with my family, instead of selling it. So glad those days are over!Yikes! I still get the nightmares!

However, I was super impressed with how many quality jobs my former Kahuku High School classmates (1990's) have created for themselves! Creating a job that can keep you thriving on Oahu is paramount to survival! Kudos to you all of you for creating your very own successful businesses!  Please let me know of any others I've missed. And please support your local businesses; they are what keep our economy and our communities going strong: 

*Paradise Baby Co.-Oahu's Luxury Baby Equipment Rental Service. Supplying you with everything your baby will need from the car, to the hotel or vacation rental, to the beach! Owned by Cara (Hemperly)Ballard and family.
*Bonzer Front- Bonzer Front is an extension of Cafe Haleiwa, owned by Megan Campbell and Noelle (Campbell) Hayes, Daughters of Duncan and Jacqueline Campbell (Original owners of Cafe Haleiwa.) Provides Wine and Beer from all over the world, small family owned vineyards, sustainable, organic, and bio-dynamic producers. 
*Mermaids Haleiwa-  Beautiful custom made, one-of-a-kind jewelry with rare exotic Tahitian black pearls, Sunrise shells from our precious islands, and a mix of other beach treasures from our own back yard! 66-935 Kaukanahua rd. Waialua (old Snake road) Owned by  Breanna Tidball.
*Covert Affairs- Ryan Covert is a private chef providing gourmet cuisine for all occasions. Specialties include Asian-Pacific, Mediterranean, and Caribbean Cuisine.
*Guava Shop- Casual beachy-chic boutique located in central Haleiwa shopping center, (next to Clark Little Photography). Featuring all the best in dresses, tops, swimwear, bags, and beauty. Owned by Liz (Lerner)House and Kai Cost.
*North Shore Organic Gardening- Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Organics, Vermiculture, Composting, seeds, Lighting, Propagation, and Education. 67-292 Goodale Ave, Waialua, in Historic  Waialua Shopping Center. Owned by Nate and Katy (Albert) Amatore. 
*Marina Miller/Redheartphoto- Lifestyle and Underwater Photography. Amazing wedding photos! Check out her facebook page to see some beautiful images!

I suppose I can't mention former-Kahuku-student business owners without mentioning Jack Johnson. Ha! He's the surfer boy from the North Shore turned world-famous-surf-genre-folk-music-artist. His family has been established out there for several generations. Jack's successful music career has also aided in creating an amazing organization called Kokua Hawaii Foundationwhich exists to support environmental education in the schools and communities of Hawaii.  Their mission is to, "Provide students with experiences that will enhance their appreciation for and understanding of their environment so they will be lifelong stewards of the earth."  
While we were visiting we were able to attend the Ocean Fest, an event to raise money for environmental education in Hawaii's schools. We stopped by the Kokua Hawaii Foundation booth and were aptly impressed with how they were using this foundation to bless the aina and the keiki of Hawaii. (No, Jack Johnson wasn't manning the booth, but his wife and kids were there.) Big kudos to the Johnsons for using their celebrity influence for good!

Yes, It seems that more and more creative jobs have surfaced on the North Shore in the past ten years, keeping people happily employed. I've also noticed that many residents have either opened surf schools, or are giving individual surf lessons, or are even renting out surfing equipment for the day. There was even a new "Hans Hedeman" surf rental/lesson shop at Turtle Bay Hotel which was never there before. Furthermore, the Shrimp Truck industry has boomed! There is an "original" shrimp truck on every corner, not only Giovanni's. (Though Giovanni's is still the best!) The possibilities are endless for business! Maybe if we get sick of Hilo someday, we'll open up that shave-ice truck. If someone doesn't beat us to it, that is...

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