Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Available Now"

We live in a small plantation home here in Hilo, Hawaii. Plantation style homes were built quickly, inexpensively, and with minimal building materials back when sugar and pineapple plantation workers needed affordable places to dwell with their families. Although our house may not have been used for this basic purpose, it was certainly built in the same fashion! The walls in our house are singular, meaning I can hammer a nail through the living room wall while my husband watches the other side of the nail appear in the adjacent bedroom. You have to learn where these nails stick out around the house, and watch your head as you walk. Watch out for nails, is one of our house rules. Oh, and No kicking walls, children, because you might make a hole. 
 We moved into this house about a year ago when we were sick of living in the seemingly isolated, closed-in, jungles of Puna. It felt lonely out there for me. I needed friendly neighbors instead of wild dogs, and a park to walk to instead of abandoned houses. I decided one day that If I had to look at one more dirt road, or one more feral cat, I would shoot my foot.
So I got in the car and started to drive towards Hilo city, searching desperately for a "For Rent" sign to appear on the side of the road. We couldn't afford any of the rentals being advertised in the newspaper or on craigslist, so I asked God to please direct me to something, anything, to please save me from the lonely, depressing jungles of Puna. (It's not that bad out there, it was just me...promise)
The "For Rent" sign for this house popped out at me after about 5 minutes of driving into Hilo. There it was like a magical golden message appearing from God himself, "For Rent by Owner, Available Now." 
It was a small house and It was an old house. It had crab spiders squatting in every crevice, and millipedes curled up in the bathtub. I could see the dirt below the house from a crack in the master bedroom floor. There was green mold on every counter top, and thick dust covering every jalousie. But it had a large yard, where I could envision slip n' slides and a small garden, and long summer days playing freeze tag amongst the kiddie pools. It just needed a little love from a family, and it would do fine.
We moved in right away and have been here since April of 2012. I love this little plantation house. I love the morning breeze that blows through these old  jalousie windows. I love watching double-rainbows form outside the large, living room window. I love my friendly Japanese neighbors that come over with papayas and string beans from their humble garden. I love hosting summer swimming parties on our big, grassy yard. I even love all the little critters that call our house home--all the millipedes, beetles, crickets, termites, cockroaches, and crab spiders that I try to suck up with the vacuum. They make for great discoveries and entertainment for little boys!

It has been two years since we first moved to the Big Island. I reminded my husband that we reached our two year anniversary on June 21st, and his response was a confused,"Of what??" Of moving to the Big Island, of course! One of the scariest, bravest, daring, and most traumatizing blind acts of faith we had ever attempted together in our marriage!!--(besides getting married, of course.) It's easy to forget all the struggles you've gone though when you are living in the moment.
However, we took that flight of faith together, not knowing what the future would hold. No job, no permanent place to live, no family or friends, and no idea what our lives would amount to after we walked off of that airplane.
But here we are now- Happy, thriving, and moving forward with faith, in our wonderful, old, plantation home. 
 Just like the words on that For Rent sign jumped out to me, "Available Now!"  so God reminds me again and again that He is is available now, today, tomorrow and every day therafter that I need Him.

Happy two year Anniversary to Us!
With Aloha,
Sally, Micah, and the 3 boys

*Micah got a job at Hilo High School this next year, teaching science
*Sally is busy learning, playing, and homeschooling with the kids, plus enjoying all the wonderful friends we've made here.
*We are happily involved with our LDS Church family- Micah is in the Bishopric as 2nd Counselor and I am Primary Music Leader.
*Zadok is taking Kung-fu, loves competing in Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments, loves snorkeling, loves his homeschool kickball friends, and loves going to Primary. 
* Odin loves his homeschool friends, loves going to Primary, is learning to swim, and wants to take Gymnastics!
*Jonah is happily following his brothers everywhere, loves Sea turtles, dipping his toes in the water, finding bugs, and feeding Duckling.
p.s. The newest member of our family is a Jackson Chameleon named Duckling:


Anonymous said...

What a great post about faith. My husband lost his job a few weeks ago and being new to the church I am not used to trusting Heavenly Father to help us. There is a lot of long term unemployment in my country so when my husband got a job within 2 weeks of losing the old one, I knew its because our prayers had been answered.
Thanks for sharing :)

Da Denninghoff's said...

Thank you for sharing:)

Sally Jackson said...

Valerie, I can so relate. When I was newly re-converted to God, It was hard to let Him take full-reign of my life, without freaking out a bit. But over the months and years as I saw miracles and blessings happen because of Him, I learned to pray and let Him take over. It takes a lot of faith to do that and it sounds like you are allowing your faith to bring blessings into your life. Congratulations on the new job!

Nita-Thanks for your sweet comments. I thought of you when I wrote this because I know how much you hate bugs. :)