Monday, June 10, 2013

Oahu Vacation Recap and Slideshow

Our vacation to Oahu was nothing short of fabulous! This picture of Odin at Turtle Bay Beach, sums up my feelings EXACTLY!
 I feel very blessed that we got to spend an entire week on my home island enjoying the beauty and adventures that I so enjoyed growing up there! 

    From the time our boys were toddlers I've told them many stories about Oahu! They were thrilled to finally see the real picture behind my many, many, bed-time-story narratives. We revisited everything from my home surf break Rubber Duckies, to popping the dead blue bubbles on Hukilau beach, to seashell collecting on Ke'iki beach, to the gorgeous Temple Beach where I was baptized.
   My heart soared and flipped several times a day as I witnessed my boys snorkeling at Three Tables, running around Turtle Bay Kuilima, collecting flowers, walking around the Honolulu Zoo with their Grandpa Bill, or eating pizza at the old Pizza Bob's where I was a waitress for several years. Everyone had a really fun time, and I got to bask in the nostalgia of my old memories! 
The major highlights for me on the trip were definitely swimming at Sharks Cove, the gorgeous view at Laie Point, sea-shell diving at Ke'iki, and most special was going into Laie Temple for the first time. It was a beautiful and meaningful experience, reminding me again that God gives us many chances to change, and live the life we dream to have.  This is mine.

It had been so long since I had spent any time at all on my old North Shore that I literally felt like I was stepping out of a time capsule! Each day as I ran into old neighbors, teachers, acquaintances and friendly faces, I played a game called, "Wait-I think I know this person! Now what did they look like 10 years ago?"

We got to spend a couple days with old friends, but weren't able to connect with everyone we wanted to. Sorry we missed some of you! Traveling around the island with three hyper, busy, non-stop boys was a challenge and an adventure in itself, as you can imagine. Hopefully next time we can make more concrete plans and see all the wonderful faces we missed. (Also super awesome to hang with the Singer family who flew all the way over from Utah and stayed in the same condos as us! Let's do it again next year!) 

Here's a picture slide show I made of our trip! Now that we're back on the Big Island, we're going to watch it tonight for Family Night and once again relive the beautiful and unique island of Oahu! Enjoy!


Da Denninghoff's said...

awwwww! All of a sudden I want to go to my oahu home. Fun memories Sally!

Sally Jackson said...

Me, toooo! And I was just there. But shoots, I'm still happy where I am. Blooming where I'm planted, just like you!

Unknown said...

Yippee!! I finally got to watch it for the first time out of probably 100 more times . Love it!! Aloha Pumehana!!! Mamasita