Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hawaiian Hobos

Several years ago my mama taught me how to make Hobo bags  and now they are one of my favorite things to sew! The first one I ever made was for Micah's birthday in November 2009. I had called my mom who was living in Maui at the time because I was feeling so frustrated with the sewing of the bag and I wanted to scream into the phone, "Your bags suck!" However, my wonderful, patient mother calmly instructed me over the phone how to piece it all together until it was finished.  Thanks Mom! Click here to see.

Don't mind my deer-in-headlights-look, but this is me modeling a birthday hobo for a friend who's birthday lands on Christmas. 
Anthuriums on the outside
Hibiscus Camo on the inside lining.

Here below is one of my favorite Hawaiian Hobos, which was a gift for a friend who had her baby girl at home. My son who was six at the time asked me,"Why is that lady sitting on her baby?" 

Here's another Hawaiian Hobo I sewed for a friend's birthday. She called it the Ultimate Mom Bag because of how much crap you can stuff in there.
Wendy modeling her Ultimate Mom Bag.

I'm considering making and selling these in the future at local Farmer's Markets and craft fairs. I would like to use tropical and Polynesian inspired fabrics mixed with upcycled tee shirt designs and recycled muumuus. I think it would be a lot of fun to do and would fulfill my creative side.

So, how much do you think  a Hawaiian Hobo is worth? Would you pay 20 buckos for one?

Thanks for the feedback!


Unknown said...

I would pay $20. I think they are great! Really beautiful and unique idea. I like the style but also the birthing one. I think you have found a niche with that one. Birthing/nursing images on the hawaiian print bags are amazing!!

Sally Jackson said...

Thanks Suzanne! I've been thinking about that nursing/birhing image idea. I would love to expand on that in the future, maybe I could have someone design me a birthing picture that could be on every bag. very cool. So many great opportunities!