Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The word plateau has been running through my mind these past several months. 

Two definitions of plateau as defined in the Webster's dictionary are: a stable level, period, or condition, and, a level of attainment or achievement. Both of these definitions seem to describe how I've been feeling about my life right now, and why I've been feeling like it's time for our family to move on from Hawaii.

I am reminded of running, and how much I used to love it. I used to wake up in the mornings bursting with energy, ready to race out the door for my daily just-for-fun 10k! I used to try to run every single day for years and years, thriving off the endorphins and energy it provided me. Yet, every once in a while I would get bored with running and require a change of routine. I would reach a plateau in my running routine where I could no longer get excited about waking up to run that same 6 miles.....again, or push myself up that same vertical hill.....again, because I had already achieved it! I had already reached a level of stability, and a period of self attainment that now It was time for me to stop and do something else, (like zumba, or swimming, or yoga!) Maybe I would come back to running later on and it would fulfill me again, or maybe I would move on completely and never turn back. I think that either way works fine because I've felt fulfilled either way.

I think the same thing happens in life all the time; we get really excited about something-- we live it passionately, with purpose, finding clarity, confidence, fulfillment and gratification in every step, then we reach that plateau-that moment where we realize we can't go any further because we've done everything we needed to do!
I thought we wanted to settle in Hawaii forever, but perspectives have changed!  We have reached a plateau, so to speak.

Two years ago when we moved over here, I had no way of knowing this would be the best decision we ever made! This move has offered our family very personal opportunities to stretch and grow spiritually, mentally,  and emotionally. In a nutshell (probably a macadamia one) Hawaii healed a part of my life that needed immense healing and has allowed me to move forward in very specific and much needed ways. I've had very sacred experiences here which have showed me that no matter where I live God will follow me, bless me, and pave the roads of my destiny for me.
 I feel that I have reached this amazing level of personal stability, achievement and  attainment in my life that I never imagined possible. Everything that I've learned and gained while I've been here is definitely something I needed as a wife, mother, and nurturer, gently leading me to my next step. Micah has also had amazing experiences of growth, which have brought us closer together as a couple. However, we both feel we have reached our Hawaii Plateau, and now it's time to move onward.

Don't get me wrong, I am sad to leave Hawaii. I love it here more than all the deserts, snowflakes,  and rocky mountains in the whole wide world! Someday I may live here again as an old lady, spending many happy, sunshiny days surfing and collecting seashells in the sand!--With a big, fat smile on my face all the day long! But I am not alone. I am raising a family, and right now we've got places to go and things to do. I have a list to fulfill and dreams to conquer! Remember my list??

So, to make a long story short we are moving right now! It's all happening so fast and my head is spinning like crazy--but here's how it all went down-- I'll refer to what I'm calling:
The Crazy Timeline of Unexpected Events!

June 30th, - Micah and I are sitting at the kitchen table when we start talking about the future of our family's lives and all the things we want to do. We decide to look online for jobs in Cedar City Utah, just to see if there would be a possibility for us to move back to the place we loved living before.
Holy Crap-There's a job opening!  This never happens. Oh.my.gosh. they need a science teacher. And they need one in 5 weeks! The small town of Cedar City is rarely ever hiring and we are shocked.

June 30th-Micah emails in a resume just to see what happens. He already has a teaching job lined up here in Hilo but we decide to take the chance and see what happens. We decide it won't hurt just to see.

Monday July 1st through Sunday July 7th--We hear nothing back from Cedar City. We move on with our lives as usual. 

Monday July 8th- The phone rings at 7am but we are still in bed so we let the answer machine pick up. It's the job in Cedar City and they want to interview Micah for the position. We lay there stunned with the possibility and wondering what we should do next. We pray. We ponder. We pray again. We both feel good about pursuing forward with the interview. Micah sends them an email confirming that Yes, he will interview for the position.

Tuesday July 9th-Micah emails them again because they never responded to the first email. He tells them kindly that if they want to hire him they better make it snappy because school starts here in Hilo in 3 weeks! Micah needs time to notify the school here, plus sell all our stuff and move. 

Wednesday July 10th- Micah interviews for the teaching position in Cedar City via Skype. I wait anxiously outside the door awaiting to hear the results. Micah opens the door and says, "They'll call back tomorrow with a final answer." 

Wednesday July 10th- Later that day-I have the opportunity to attend the Kona Temple with some other Mamas from my church. I am grateful to be able to go to such a sacred place, especially  with such a heavy heart. I pray that I can feel peace if we decide to make this move, and that I can have the strength to leave Hawaii again. I know that leaving  will be difficult for me, but I also know that God will bless my life regardless of where I am. I also know that I am constantly surprised about what brings me true happiness in life. As I stood on the temple grounds overlooking my beautiful ocean, I decided I would be willing to allow God to surprise me again. 
I am ready to move if we decide to.

Thursday July 11th- We wait all morning for the phone call. I nervously bite all my fingernails off and eat a pound of sweet potato pudding. They finally call and the verdict is in--They think he would be an excellent fit for their school! We both smile and know it's right.
We purchase our airline tickets for July 31st. We have 21 days to sell everything, clean up house, and get on an airplane to LA. 

Friday July 12th- We give a notice to our landlords, cancel our homeschool program, notify our ward auxiliaries, start the process towards shipping our car and belongings, start taking pictures of stuff to sell on craigslist, and even cry a little.

Saturday July 13th-I write a blog post to tell the world we are moving. (Please pray for me that I can stay sane through this process!)

Monday July 15th-I finally find time to post my blog post and here it is.

 All in all, I am excited and happy to see what the future holds!  Our lives are pure chaos right now, but it feels really good. I feel like I am stepping off this plateau and running full speed ahead into a beautiful future with my family. I can't wait! 

See ya soon Cedar City!


arianne said...

Holy Crap! I don't know what to say! I can't believe it. If I still lived in Cedar I would peeing my pants. But I'm not far. I can visit. Yay! Good luck with the crazy moving. Keep us posted.

Dan and Wendy said...

Wow!!! So exciting!! Love the timeline! Can't wait to see you again so soon!

sdblue said...

Oh no...was just getting to know you with this blog and it seemed you were coming into accepting your life there. And being happy about it. I envy it and would love it there...but the big island is not the right fit for me...maybe another one there. Anyway..enjoy your blog, but sad to hear about the move. But of course, you know best..your faith got you this far, so I cannot speak on your deciscions. Good luck. ;)

Unknown said...

Yippee! xoxo

Unknown said...

Yippee! xoxo

tracy said...

Wowsers, I am speechless. You have mountains of courage I don't have. I can't imagine leaving Hawaii and am in awe of your willingness to force yourself to grow.

The Estrogen Files said...

Nice! glad you'll be near again.

Da Denninghoff's said...

I'm smiling ear to ear! I'm so happy for you and your family! Sounds like a fun and beautiful place and their getting a temple soon! In fact sally during general conference when they made that announcement I thought of you! Love you! Sending prayers your way!

Sally Jackson said...

Thanks for all the positive, uplifting comments! I am honestly, truly excited for this move! Don't feel an ounce of sadness for me--I am in an incredible space.

Katherine said...

What a lovely post Sally! Thanks for sharing the timeline. You are so full of beauty and courage and I love you plateau analogy. You have some true wisdom full of perspective.

Meghan Bautista said...

I love Cedar and beautiful Utah. Congrats to you and your family.

Sally Jackson said...

Thanks Meghan! Thanks Kat! Your words continue to encourage me!