Friday, July 26, 2013

Three Large Leaps Around the Sun, Sun, Sun!

Today marked Jonah's third trip around the sun since he was born July 25, 2010! Happy Birthday to my darling Jonah baby! We had such an adventurous day celebrating his special day, starting with a 7am trip to Richardson's beach and ending with a visit to the bouncy store in the mall! 
Jonah is such a beautiful, intelligent, and affectionate little soul. I can't say enough about how much joy he brings into our lives through his wonderful personality and sweet little spirit. We sure love our Jonah!

A few fun facts about Jonah:
  • His birth was my fastest, only 4-5 hours from start of labour to finish.
  • We called him Baby for 3 days after he was born before we finally decided on naming him Jonah.
  • He has a Hawaiian middle name, Ka'ena.
  • He rarely ever cried when he was a baby and loved being held in his mei-tai.
  • He didn't start talking until he was two years old. (Grunting, pointing, and yelling instead.)
  • He loves zucchini and garlic sauteed in olive oil, although he still loves milkies more than anything else.
  • He started riding a scooter several months ago and is getting SO good at balancing!
  • He'll find anything outside and make a game of it.
  • He likes playing Angry Birds on Micah's phone.
  • He sleeps with his mom and dad and won't have it any other way.
  • He shares with his brothers willingly, always giving what he has.
  • He loves to climb on rocks.
7am adventures at Richardson's rocks.

Trying to keep up with the big brothers.

Mama loves this little dude.

Jonah and his Daddy Micah.

We had a family party with Jonah today at our house. He opened his presents excitedly, enjoying every single one! Since we are getting on an airplane next week we made sure to only get him small things that he could carry on, or disposable things that he could enjoy temporarily. We got him a box of his very own band aids which he used immediately. We won't have to worry about packing those along!
30 bandaids a day keeps the doctor away.
A special birthday message from SpongeGrandpa Bill Pants

The famous chocolate birthday cake Micah bakes for everyone's birthdays! yum!
Jonah opening gifts from his brothers. Odin bought him some toys from the transfer station.

Our local mall has a train that drives through the interior hallways, passing all the storefront windows. We don't visit the mall often, yet every time we do, Jonah talks about seeing that train for days and days afterwards. Today was his special day to ride it!
Mama and Jonah in the caboose. Don't let this droopy face fool you, he smiled the entire time!
Cruising the mall.

I was having too much fun clapping and singing on the train when suddenly I hear Jonah demanding, "Mom, stop that! I no like it." Whoops. Sorry. I guess I like mall train rides.

Last of all we visited the keiki bouncy store where jumping dreams come true. For 5 dollars a kid they can bounce their little, hyper-active wiggles out. And that's exactly what these boys did.
Here's Z, going for a run-slide.
O likes to roll down on his face.
J stopping for a quick breather.
Jumpin' Jonah!
Just chillin on an inflatable island on an island.

Lastly, here's some Jonah quotes I jotted down over the past several months. Jonah has this deep, raspy toddler voice that makes me smile. If you can try picturing him saying these things with his big, brown puppy-dog eyes and that deep, raspy voice, they might make you smile, too:

"I spy fly guy guy guy guy guy guy guy!"
"Me bad monster in attack mode!"
"Ho ho happy valentines!"
"Me not have to!" 
"That not how, this how."
"Me can't say it." (Family prayer)
"NO, that stupid!"
"Save me!" (From the wind, from toy-stealing-babies, from nursery)
"You not my Daddy puppy!" 
"What's 9+4?"
"I'm dead! (Screamed Jonah after he slipped off the kitchen chair onto the floor.)
"They always make me laughing!" (Said Jonah about his big brothers.)
"Not you! I need Micah!" 

"Can I please have milk milk side?" 
"Can I please have other milk milk side?"
"I need my Blay-blade!" (beyblade)
"I'm baby dragon, you my daddy dragon." 
"This my mongoose noise. Pttttt pttttt ptttttt."
"Thank you chickens!" (When he collects their eggs)
"Do you think there is a ball in my hand? There is." 
"I promise I won't cut the whole picture!" 
"I no have to go shi-shi!!!" 
"I need food." 
"Why are we driving?"
"Why we going store?"
"Why you wear your slippers on that feet?"
"Is my slipper on the right feet?"
"Me no like that!"
"Me Bumblebee Boy! I sting attack you!"
"I don't know what to do! " (when he's feeling upset or frustrated)
"My mommy....I love you." (Followed by a hug and a kiss on the cheek.)

Looking forward to another wonderfully sweet, active and eventful, fun-filled, and unpredictable year with our 3 year old! Love you Jo-Jo!

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