Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dawdling in the Desert

How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward.
                                                                                                       --Spanish Proverb

Due to the unexpected, delayed shipment of our vehicle from Hawaii, our family has experienced some unexpected changes in our overall settling-in situation! Our initial plan was to arrive to our final destination of Cedar City Utah on August 2nd, which we did, and then planned for our vehicle to arrive in Long Beach California on August 10th! Then we were going to send Micah on a quick road trip to California in the rental car to pick up our vehicle, which he would then return to us rapidly to begin work. However, upon arriving in Cedar City we found out that our vehicle was still sitting at the Honolulu Seaport, and hadn't even shipped out yet! To make a long story short, the estimated delivery date of our vehicle was switched to August 19th, which meant we could no longer afford to keep renting a car and had to do something quickly!
So, next thing I knew I was on an 8 hour,  solo-Mama-road-trip to California with my 3 boys, heading to Micah's parents house, while Micah stayed back in Cedar City to start his new job. --The new plan being to drop off the rental car here in CA on August 12th, and then wait at my in-laws house for our car to arrive on the 19th. 

So here I am! 
Here we are!  
In the middle of the hot, dry, high desert county of San Bernardino, California. 
Micah's parents live on 2 acres of wild desert, surrounded by cactus, sage, sand, and dirt. 
Without my car to drive anywhere on these long, bumpy, dirt roads, I could literally feel stranded out in the middle of nowhere! However, we are finding things to do and having fun! We've been hanging out here for 5 days now, and despite everyone getting sick, we're gratefully, still smiling!

I admit I wasn't thrilled to leave Cedar City right away after just arriving. I really wanted to start getting settled in! After all, I have a new house to furnish, new friends to meet, and future activities to start planning! But somehow I feel deep down that this car situation is a blessing in disguise.....
The last three weeks before we moved from Hawaii I was way busier than I felt comfortable being. Every single day when I woke up I had a never ending list to cross off and accomplish as we were selling, cleaning, packing, and getting ready to leave. It was exhausting on me physically, mentally, and emotionally. The one thing I wished I could do more than anything else was to just stop and play with my kids. 
I missed them.
I didn't like all that running around and couldn't wait to get to a point where life would be quiet again; where we could take the time to snuggle, read, laugh, cuddle, talk, and dilly-dally around the house together, with nothing on our agenda but each other.
Out here in the high desert, with no car and nowhere to go, we've been doing just that. 
Yes, time slows down here in the desert. With nothing but the sun above us and the sand below us, we are free to dawdle between, and create our days with love! 

I love swinging in the hammock while listening to Zadok ask me again and again what super powers I would like to have if I could have any at all. I love reading to him and then guessing the ending plots of Harry Potter. 
I love exploring outside with Odin, catching strange-looking insects and digging holes in the dirt. I love watching him smile in the sunshine. 
I love morning cuddles with Jonah, then taking him to watch the Iguana. I love his enthusiasm for stomping ants to pieces. I love going on walks with all three of them, as they excitedly point out large, black crows, Joshua Trees, and the beautiful colors of the desert sunsets. I love these boys with all my heart and love doing nothing with them, and then resting afterwards, as one of my favorite quotes implies. 

Below are some pictures of our California desert adventure:

With nothing on our agenda we are also spending quality time with Grandma, baking cookies:
We are also getting to know the other little cousins who are here visiting:
We are digging in the dirt and sand:
And finding scary bugs:
It's 100 degrees out, so we are swimming daily in the cold jacuzzi, which never seems to get old:
We are fascinated by Uncle Aaron's pet Iguana, which he found one day sitting up in a tree on their  property. (No they don't live here naturally, so someone must've abandoned him):
We are eating Rainbow Sherbet on the back porch:
And last of all, we are hijacking this antique milk can from my in-laws backyard. For some weird reason I've always been fascinated by these jugs, and want to bring it back to Utah with me. It's going to make a great front porch urinal flower pot.

Most of all, we are enjoying the blessings of time on these long, Summer days with loved ones.

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