Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Zen Enough

I'm all done with my venting-fest! Yay for me! I had a good cry-fest yesterday which helped, too.
I'm continuing to tap into my happy resources (prayer, scriptures, meditation, exercise, healthy foods, spending time with my boys, keeping things slow-paced) and I've even decided to add one more:


As I was riding my bike up the canyon yesterday my head started to clear from the fog. It seemed the farther I rode away from civilization, the clearer my head got. As I stopped at a bench to rest and  look around at God's phenomenal creations I couldn't help but feel happy, calm, centered, and at peace with my life. It was the first true Zen experience I've had since I left Hawaii and I want more! I realized that I don't need to vent anymore, or feel overwhelmed, or cry to the often unresponsive Internet; I need to surround myself with the loving mother and drink in her beauty like one big cup-full of warm tea after another.

So adios for now www, for I will be taking some much needed intoxicating sips of nature until I feel Zen enough to come back to the modern world.
The bike path heading up the canyon that takes me up, up, and away.


Unknown said...

Yes. I haveva daily love affair with trees, gazing upon them wherever I go. Next plan is to get a tree book so that I can identify them all by their (man-given) names while already I feel their noble spirits. xoxo Mama

arianne said...

I'm glad you felt that peace. But it's okay to admit to the hard times too. We all have those. I only wish I were still in Cedar to give you a shoulder to cry on. Hugs!