Monday, September 30, 2013

Our Growing Family

 It seems like I can't leave the house lately without someone asking about my fertility. Perhaps they see these three strapping, young n' handsome, diaper-less boys I've got and instantly think I should be ready for another one! Well, here's the truth: I'm not ready.

I remember right after I had our 3rd and last baby how disturbed I was about having more. It was a hard, painful, and stressful experience (both the pregnancy and the birth), and one I didn't want to immediately replicate. I told myself at the time that I was done completely, but maybe five years down the road or when our baby weaned, I might decide to carry another child. (Whichever one came first.) So far It's only been 3 years, and I'm still nursing! Ha! And I'm still not ready to make that decision.

So when the cashier at the grocery store asks,"So ya gonna try for a baby girl?" I answer, "Absolutely! But I'm not ready." Or when the old man at the park tells my sons to ask Santa for a little sister (yes that really did happen) I  kindly reply,"He'll bring them one when I'm ready!" And when the neighbor down the street with the 7 children asks me curiously  if I want more children, I reply,"Yes! Big families are a blessing and I would love more children, but....I'm not ready."

I know that I (or anyone else for that matter) doesn't owe the world an explanation, but I just thought I would say it out loud since people are so interested in my fertility as of lately. (Maybe they're interested in Micah's virility, too, but just won't come out and say it to his face.)
I believe that the decision to have more children is between you, your partner, and God. I'm not opposed to having more kids. I wouldn't stop having more children  because of lack of money, or missing out on that lofty career, or more leisure time. Remember the pamphlet with all the readiness questions? People have babies all the time answering NO to those questions but answering YES to having Faith!  I believe with all my heart that if you choose to bring these special souls into the world, God will support you with all that you need. Maybe not all that you want, (like an awesome body, a ton of money, or a successful career), but he will bless you with happiness, purpose, and an abundance of love. I'm looking forward to our growing family, but for now, I'm not ready.

However, here's a few things I am ready for:

 Now that we have a big, fenced in backyard, and 3 older children that can feed pets and pick up poop, we felt ready for puppies!  These puppies turned out to be the perfect addition to our family. They are Border Collie/Chocolate Lab mixes who came with lots of energy and enthusiasm for life! They keep our boys  busy and happy, wrestling, chasing, fetching, and snuggling. I love them so much and am so grateful for my husband for pushing for these puppies. I admit I wasn't completely ready at first, and was terrified of all the poopy messes I'd have to clean up,  but after much thought and prayer I realized that these puppies would bless our lives. And they have! I haven't heard my children say once that they are bored, as they always have little playmates to keep them happy. If anyone is in a good situation to have a pet dog and is still sitting on the fence about it--Just do it! Get the dog! These little puppies are gifts to our children and have brought more joy to our home.
p.s. Their names are Thunder and Brownie.
p.s.s. Our 5 year old LOVES to shovel up poop. Don't ask me why but I think he likes the challenge of finding it in the yard. It's like a game for him. We won't  break his bubble!

We're also ready for a Cockatiel!
This is Pikachu. He is seven years old and is a fabulous bird with a fun personality. 
I found him in an add online and tried to get it it as a surprise for my husband Micah. He's always wanted a Cockatiel since I've known him! It was a reasonable price and perfect timing. The day that I was going to pick him up, I called the boys together in the big bed, and told them I had a surprise for Micah. I quietly whispered that it would be a Cockatiel and that nobody was allowed to ruin the surprise. "Shhhhhh, I said, Don't tell him!" Then Odin popped his head up, pointed,  and said,"Mom! Didn't ya know Micah is right there??" And so he was. I thought he was in the  shower, but instead he was laying on one of the smaller beds next to the big bed where I couldn't see him. Doh! "Did you just hear everything I said?," I asked. 
So much for the surprise. 
He loved it anyways!
For some reason Pikachu likes Micah the best. He will sit contentedly on Micah's shoulder all day. He must sense the gentle zookeeeper in him.
Last of all, we have adopted an abandoned kitty. His elderly owner passed away at the house next door and left him to fend for himself. His name is Patches and he is the sweetest, gentlest cat I've ever known. When we first got here and found him on our doorstep our kids were really surprised that a cat would be so friendly. The only cat exposure they've really had were the wild cats of Hilo that would run around and eat all the birds and rats!Our toddler has taken the responsibility of feeding Patches and caring for him throughout the day. He loves his "Mr. Kitty," as he calls him, and I do, too. 
Mr. Kitty enjoying the attention:

So there ya have it--Our growing family. I love all of them and all the joy, fun, and chaos they bring into my life! And don't you worry, world, I'll let ya know when I'm ready for a more serious commitment. But for now, I am all good.


Unknown said...

I'm sure it was still a surprise, even if he found out about it in a different way.
Looks like you guys are having SO much fun!

Heather said...

What a lovely update from you! :)
Yay for many blessings (of the kid and animal variety), fertility and waiting to be ready.

arianne said...

Yay for puppies! (And for trusting your heart to know when YOU are ready. Don't let people get to you. Hugs!)

Unknown said...

Good choice. Perfect choice. You are doing a fanstastic job with those wonderful boys - my beloved grandsons. Boys Rock!! Anyway, we already have a little girl in the Just tell those people - Nah. No need. I have a niece already.
Love, Your Momma who adores you.xo

Sally Jackson said...

Thanks friends (and Mom). I love your comments.