Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Easiest DIY hooded cloak tutorial EVER

Red Wizard Cloak
Does following a pattern make your head spin? 
Do you want something quick and easy that only requires straight lines of sewing? 
Do you like making fun things for your kids that don't require too much brain power,  or make you frustrated beyond reason? 
Then I think I found the perfect cloak tutorial for you! :)
After searching several years ago for a child's cloak pattern that fit all of the above criteria (with no luck), I finally put something together that has made my life simpler. I have three little boys who wear capes and cloaks like nobodies business and it seems like they grow out of them or need new ones constantly. These hooded cloaks are easy to sew, easy to replace, and can fit a variety of costume needs. I am sharing it here because I love it so much!

About 2 yards of fabric 
sewing machine
matching thread
button, ties, or Velcro 

Cut two pieces of fabric.  The top rectangle (the hood) will be 24 inches by 12 inches finished, so cut extra to allow for a finished seem.
The bottom rectangle (the cape) will be the width of the fabric bolt (about 42-45 inches). The length of the cloak part will be the length of the person you're sewing it for,  measured from the back of the neck to feet. If you want the cloak shorter or longer, measure accordingly.
Sew the raw edges on the top and bottom of the cape part. You can leave the selvage edges from the fabric bolt alone (no extra sewing, yay!).

Once these two pieces have finished seems, pin them together. The middle of the top rectangle is pinned to the middle of the bottom rectangle. 

STEP 3: 
Now sew them together.

STEP 4: 
Next fold the entire length of the fabric in half and pin the very top of the hood together. Finish the cloak by sewing the pinned portion together.

Add a button or Velcro to clasp together your finished cloak.
All done! Have fun sewing your super easy Halloween cloak!

Here are a few of the cloaks I have made over the years, all using this basic pattern. I have added lining to some of them, and have added a few inches to the hood to allow for adult -sized heads, but have mostly stuck to the simple pattern.


Unknown said...

This is an awesome idea and one of the best I could that relate to the character's costume I want to make for Halloween! Thank you for putting this up! I just had one question though. How did you manage to avoid the pointed hood for some of the cloaks you made?

Sally Jackson said...

It depends on which type of fabric you use. The ones where the point didn't stick up as much were a softer, silkier fabric. The other types of fabric were stiffer like cotton. All the same pattern. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Hey, I'd like to know how I can make the hood longer in the back. Can I just make it all bigger? Thank you so much!

Sally Jackson said...

yes, you'd extend the length of the top rectange to make the hood longer. The measurements given here can all be adjusted.