Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Beautiful Zion

Through my eyes there aren't many places more beautiful than Zion National Park. I am reminded of it's unique beauty every time we visit, not only because it is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, but also because of the hundreds of other visitors who have traveled from all over the world just to see it! 

I try to identify the many foreign languages as we ride the shuttle through the park, and smile at the look of awe in the travelers eyes. I often imagine what they'll say when they return home to their home country (perhaps Germany, or Australia, or Columbia, or Japan...)
 "We had a great time in America, but the best part of the entire trip was Zion National Park!," they'd say. Then they'd pull out all their photos to prove to the world that Utah is as gorgeous as they just experienced. Only the photos won't do it the justification it deserves, because Zion is one of those places you have to see with your own eyes.
We are lucky to live just an hour 1/2 from here. This is our sacred haven. Our relief from the world. Our place of absolute peace and serenity. It's a special place for our family and one that will continue to impact our lives for years to come. My pictures don't do Zion justice, either, but they will always remind me of the memorable times we spend there as a family. 

These photos below are  from our most recent camping trip over fall break, where we camped in the park, hiked Emerald Pool Trail, skipped stones in the Virgin river, built mud castles, climbed rocks, rode the shuttle for fun,  and got cold for the first time since we moved back from Hawaii. 
(I almost didn't want to go camping because of the cold factor, but of course I was glad we went. Carpe Diem, I reminded myself. These days are too precious to miss!)

Come visit Zion. I promise, it's as good as they say. 

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