Sunday, December 1, 2013

Parallel Universe

I'm really cold all the time now. 
There's this deep, internal, freezing shiver that hasn't gone away since early November when the seasons changed. It's like my body can't catch up and I'm still in tropical-Hawaii-summer-all-year-round- mode. 
My friend who recently spent a year in Tonga said that her first winter back here was pretty brutal. She couldn't warm up no matter how hard she tried, even with all the bundles of jackets, sweaters, and fuzzy socks she piled on. I know what she means now, however, I wonder if it's mostly a psychological issue, not just a physical one? 
Like If I could just stop thinking about Hawaii, the dooming cold would go away and I could feel warm again. Perhaps If I stopped  wishing the snow was a warm, sandy beach, or if I stopped wishing the pine trees were swaying in a balmy breeze, I could live peaceably and accept the cold for what it is. 
(It's cold here and it is what is is, gosh darn it! Sally, why can't you accept that?)

But, I can't seem to do that because I think I have the curse of the islands. I figured out that once you've lived somewhere with year-round warmth and sunshine, it's hard to accept that anywhere else would choose to be different.

Don't get me wrong, there's a zillion reasons why I'm happy to be back here in Utah, and why I'm still glad we made the decision to move.... except this one: I really hate being cold. 
So, to deal with this problem, I've decided that there is a parallel universe somewhere where I am still living in a warm climate with eighty degree temperatures, bathing suit wearing all year long, and enough sunshine to keep me toasty and happy. In fact, just today I laid out in the sun and got a nice tan while sipping on a virgin pina colada with a little umbrella in it. It was lovely.

Now that I'm all situated in my alternative reality, I can better enjoy this one with my family:
(They love the snow and cold! They think we've died and gone to snow heaven)

(In love with the  Papa-made-crotchet.) Good job, Micah! 

Stay warm my friends...or cold, depending on your preference. :)

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Danielle said...

Brrrrr! We are so used to Hawaii temperature that when it's in the 60s we are cold!