Saturday, December 14, 2013

Power of Mom's essay feature and review:

Recently two essays of mine have been published on the Power of Moms website. 
You can read them here:

The Lost Toy
Exchanging Papayas for Peaches

I was thrilled when they accepted my essays for publication, and hope there will be more in the future. It has also been a lot of fun to see my writing appear to a broader web-audience.
Having my essays published has also inspired me to feel more like a writer. Writing has always been my hobby and passion, and little by little, I am seeing more possibilities for myself in this area. (After all,  I am still writing a book, ya know! It might get done when my youngest child is in college, but overall I like to think that someday I will be a published author.)

A little about Power of Moms:

Over the past few years several different friends of mine have been posting these truly inspiring parenting essays on facebook. Of course I don't read everything that posts to facebook, but when good friends with like-minded parenting ideals post something, I read it. 
The common thing I found with these articles is: 1. they would stick with me throughout the day, 2. they would force me to reevaluate myself as a parent, and 3. they'd inspire me to be a better Mom.
It wasn't until fairly recently that I realized that all of these articles came from the same place--The Power of Moms website!  It happened one day when I was perusing the links under the FAVORITES tab on the site and saw all of my favorite articles all in the same place! 
Aha! I was so surprised! I knew right then and there that there was something really special about the women who put this site together, and I wanted to find out more. 

As I dug around the Power of Mom's website I not only found truly  inspiring, down-to-earth essays on deliberate mothering, but also a collection of FREE learning tools such as videos, podcasts, book summaries, printable quotes, and picture stories. 
I also found that they've published a book called "Deliberate Motherhood", which supplies encouragement and tools to mothers who are looking to have more peace, purpose, order, and joy in motherhood. (I am reading it right now and I can't put it down!) 
Furthermore, I learned that they offer mothering retreats across the country where mothers can gather together to discuss and learn from each other these valuable principles of deliberate mothering. ( I really want to go to one someday, and I will!) Finally, they offer empowering programs  to strengthen families and help mothers do an even better job at raising their kids. (I am currently learning from Family Systems Training, and I love it. Such a blessing to my life!)

I love that Power f Moms is a gathering place for all mothers. As the website states, 
"Please know that we really want YOU here.  We need your voice.  We need your perspective.  Regardless of your employment situation, your background, your marital status, or your ability to make it through the bedtime routine without losing it, you belong here. And TOGETHER, we are The Power of Moms."

I am so grateful that I've discovered the influence of Power of Mom's in my life. There are some days when I feel so overwhelmed and so burnt out as a mom, then I read an article on the site and I know I'm not alone. I know that motherhood is hard and exhausting at times, yet it is also changing me and growing me into a better person. I also know that I am doing the best I can and that my children are growing into amazing people, too, despite my weaknesses or bad days as a mother.
Thank you to the founders, April and Saren for following your hearts, for being inspired, and for starting something we all needed--a gathering place for moms just like us.

A few essays on POM's that have touched me and stayed with me over the years:

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