Thursday, January 9, 2014

Awaiting Punxatawney Phil

Lately I've been feeling like every morning is a perpetual Groundhog Day. I almost expect Phil Conners to come walking out of the bedroom with an alarm clock repeating, "Okay campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's ccccccold out there today!" 
(if you haven't seen this hilarious 1993 Bill Murray movie please do yourself a favor and go rent it now.) 

I think my Groundhog Day complex comes from feeling like each morning lately I've been waking to do the same things over and over and over and over. It might be because it's winter and we're in the house way more than I like. Or It might be because I'm pregnant and feeling  constricted in what I can do mentally and physically. Probably a combo of both. 
So every morning  I roll out of bed, I say good morning to my kids, I clean up the dinner dishes from the night before, I get breakfast ready, we pray, we eat, we brush teeth, I drink my raspberry tea, then I clean up the kitchen. And repeat. Day, after day, after day. I think I'm stuck in a morning rut. Perhaps I need to perform some magical good Samaritan deeds for my entire community to break the spell, but more likely I probably need to see the impact of my actions from a new perspective.

I don't like feeling stuck in a rut, however I also believe in having consistency, and routine, and in the security found in daily, family traditions. It probably seems like I'm doing the same monotonous things everyday, but in reality I know that what I'm doing has valuable, long term effects on my children. I know that my kids look forward to our morning breakfasts together, that learning  good habits makes responsible people, and that having a clean kitchen results in a more functional household. All these things are important parts to raising children and growing a family. All these things add up to the bigger picture. And blah blah blah.  So maybe I should enjoy these cold, winter mornings and try to make them more fun. Maybe tomorrow we'll have Star Wars pancakes, and make a game of putting dishes away. We'll see who can make the biggest bubbles in their milk cup, and maybe read a few extra good library books instead of de-cluttering the counters right away.

Pretty soon Punxatawny Phil will come out of his hole for good, and alas, it will be Spring! We'll be waking up and going for morning walks, picking new flowers, and enjoying the warmth of the sunshine once again. Ahhh Spring, I am waiting for you. I am waking up tomorrow to put an extra dose of fun and optimism in my raspberry tea while I wait.

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