Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jackson Update 2014

The latest scoop is here on the family! I love writing up these little tidbits. I look back on them and fondly remember the good times, the funny details, the silliness, and get to see how much my family has changed and grown. I love these people with all my heart.

Zadok, 7 1/2
I'm so proud of my big boy Zadok! He is trying new things, making new friends, and taking leaps that I never thought possible. He is growing out of his shy shell and becoming more sociable, and more outgoing along the way. Since we've been back here in Cedar he's taken tumbling class (now onto his 2nd one), a Lego robotics class, and has been excited and happy to attend  his Primary classes at church. He is also looking forward to his baptism in March. These are all things he used to be too shy to even think about! He is also attending a homeschool reading group (which he kind of hates) but I make him go since I help run it. However, he loves to read on his own and is pretty darn good at it. He amazes me at his ability to spell and use complex words. For Christmas we got him a book of mythical creatures, which he has been absorbing like a sponge. He made a card game to go along with it, where the creatures battle each other using strength and magic.
I recently took Zadok ice-skating at our new rink here in town and he  loved it. He used the walker the entire time, and cursed the ice when he fell down, but begged me to take him back A.S.A.P. 
Zadok loves going to the movies for his special dates with mom, loves playing Minecraft as a passion and hobby, and loves playing board games and chess. 
Micah and I love it when Zadok creeps into our room at all hours of the night for a sleepy cuddle. He usually asks his Dad to cuddle with him, which I think is pretty sweet. 
I recently gave him a haircut. He only lets his mommy cut his hair, which I also think is sweet.
His little brother Odin is his best friend and partner in crime. They do everything together, including making up complicated card games where only they know the rules and only they win.
Zadok is just a really cool kid. I love his huge, toothy smile and his obsessive enthusiasm for random stuff he cares about, like the way his eyelids make a snappy noise when he pulls them away from his eyeballs, or learning about silly pranks and how he can pull more of them off. I love my sweet Z-boy.

New haircut

Reading "The Adventures of Captian Underpants!"
Odin 5 1/2-
Is very excited to try new things! He just started taking his first tumbling class with big brother Z. He also begged me to take him ice-skating so I finally did. He loved it. He fell, and crashed, and spun all over the ice, and then begged me to take him back the next day. 
He recently  got up in church and sang in front of our congregation with his Primary group. He was really nervous about it but proudly did it anyways, even though his older brother wouldn't. 
He entered a community coloring contest over the holidays and won 25 dollars for one of his entries, and then won Dominoes pizza for another entry. He is very proud of his 25 dollar winnings and is saving it for something fun. 
He is starting up another semester of Junior Commonwealth, a homeschool reading and activity  group here in town. He enjoys listening to stories, and can't wait to learn to read. (we are working on it, but it's just not clicking, yet
On our visits to the library he rushes to find all the Dr. Seuss books. He tries to check out all of them, but 20 is the limit on his card. He giggles at all the silly rhymes and tongue twisters. His favorite book is, "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish."
He also loves playing Legos, card games, and painting pictures for his mom. His paintings are always bright and colorful, perfectly reflecting Odin's cheery, happy attitude toward life! Odin is spunky and energetic, and excited to wake up each day. His best friend is his older brother. They do everything together. They fight, argue, laugh and have fun, just like brothers do. I love my sweet Odin and am so grateful for his cheery influence in our family.
Odin on the ice!

Snuggling with kitties. 
Jonah, 3 1/2- Loves to sing a lot lately. He'll ask us to sing songs with him throughout the day. His favorites are Jingle Bells, Twinkle Little Star, Book of Mormon Stories, and Follow the Prophet. If he doesn't know all the words he'll just sing the last word in each verse. I think it's the cutest thing ever.
He is very attached to his Daddy. He pretends each day that his Dad is an animal Dad and he is the baby. Recently Micah has been a Kamodo dragon and Jonah has been the baby Kamodo dragon. 
He has just learned how to play computer games and is excited/addicted to them. He is finally catching up to his brothers in this area, and feels pretty proud of his abilities. We  have him on Starfall and PBS kids, where he can navigate on his own, for the most part.
He also loves playing Kirby on the wii, and thinks video games are pretty awesome. (I'm right there with ya, kid--Kirby is fun!) 
Jonah loves his kitties. He jumps out of bed each morning to let them out of the laundry room. He kisses and cuddles them endlessly. They have brought so much joy to his little life.
Jonah  just started Sunbeams, which is the next step up from the nursery at church. He's in an actual classroom now with a teacher, Sister Cathy. Today he was crying and didn't want to go in until his teacher busted out some Fruit by the Foot treats. He quickly wiped the tears away and jumped in his chair, surprising us all. I learned today that the way to Jonah's heart is Fruit by the Foot.
Jonah is our last child to still sleep with us until baby gets here. He's our nighttime cuddle-bug. He loves his bedtime stories to get to sleep. We only nurse once a day now for like 3 minutes, which is fine for both of us. I look forward to that special time to reconnect with my busy toddler at the end of the day. That's when I kiss the top of his head over and over, and remind him not to grow up too fast.
 It's lots of fun to still have a three year old in the house. He's the only one left who will cuddle me on demand, kiss me when I ask, and of course, the only one I can still carry on my hips. I love his little, raspy voice, and the silly games he makes up, like  "hit-catch" and "Go Fish animal guessing game". I Love my sweet little Jonah baby.

Last but not least, Micah is awesome. When I think about Micah I don't know where I'd be without the man. He is the love of my life, my best friend, and my eternal companion, forever kine. Oh, and father of my 3 1/2 children, which means he is still very virile.
He is thriving at his job here as a Chemistry/Science teacher for high school age kids earning college credits. The job is fun and challenging for him, and he's good at it, from what I can tell. He's a natural teacher and accomplishes his work with ease. He's working on the beginnings of a doctorate program in education, and finds the school work load interesting and enjoyable, which is pretty much the opposite of my bachelor-earning experience. He carries a lot on his shoulders but rarely complains. In the last month he had to move his entire family from a house fire, then nearly tore off his finger in a heater unit, then shaved off another chunk of finger with a potato peeler, then got hit by a car on his bike, then got sick.  But day by day he gets up, gets ready for work, and does what he needs to do to provide for his family. His kids think he's invincible. Odin was overheard saying, "If Micah fell off a cliff, I think he'd be okay."
I think he'd have to be okay, because I love him and need him here with ME.
Micah hauling in the Xmas tree, shortly after he injured his finger.

Whelp, that's the Jackson roundup for now. I'd write all about myself but this is my blog, so I basically always write about myself in one way or another. ha!

Have a beautiful day and stay in touch, friends!
Cedar City skating rink.

Ice-skating, 13 weeks pregs.

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