Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Daily Beauty Regimen

 One day recently I discovered that I've become a creature of habit when it comes to my daily beauty regimen. I was standing in front of the mirror, doing the same things I do day after day, realizing that I've officially become "set in my ways." It must be a sign of middle age (I just turned a whopping 35)! 
 For example,  I pluck my eyebrows every Wednesday and Saturday and shave my legs and pits every Saturday night. I wash my body with the same body wash, then after the shower I dry my entire body off in the same pattern, then my hair, then I detangle and brush my hair in the same fashion every time, using the same leave-in-conditioner. I lather the same moisturizing lotion onto my face, rub on my regular deodorant, slab on my favorite lip balm, and then moisturize my hands. Lastly, I spritz a lovely blend of essential oils onto my neck and voila-I am done for the day! Oh, and  I brush and floss my teeth twice a day, everyday, and clean and file my nails almost daily. I don't bother much with nail polish because I paint my nails maybe 2-3 times a year when I'm in a funny mood. And I only wear make-up on Sundays when I got to church, or on a fancy date, so I don't bother with that much, either. At night I wash my face with my usual soap, and call it a day.

So basically I'm a minimalist when it comes to daily maintenance and product usage. I'm sure there's a zillion more things I could be doing everyday, and a bazillion more products I could be convinced to try that may increase my health and beauty, but I like to keep it simple. Simply natural. I believe that a little daily dose of sunshine, a wholesome diet, lots of water, daily exercise, and adequate rest is the foundation for a happy, healthy person. 
So, I regret to say that I don't have any phenomenal secrets to staying young and beautiful, but I have found that staying happy and healthy along with some products that I really like, keeps me feeling pretty awesome.

In the shower:
Dr. Bronners Pure Castille, 18-in-one Hemp, Magic (liquid) Soap. It's not tested on animals, certified fair trade, and made with organic oils. Micah and I both use it! We buy it in 32 oz bottles, then squeeze it into a smaller plastic bottle for easier application. We always dilute it because it is so strong, and then one bottle can last 6-9 months at a time. I use it in the shower as a body wash and a facial scrub. I also use it every night to wash my face and neck. It leaves me feeling fresh, tingly, and amazingly clean! My favorite scents are lavender, eucalyptus, and rose water. My husband just recently bought almond, which I am getting used to. It's almost too sweet for my senses, but It still feels really good on my skin. 
**For a good sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner I prefer Melaluca's Sei-Bella. 
I don't have any right now because I've been lazy and cheap and have been using Tre-Semme (which I actually like, except for those darn sulfates), but Melaluca's products are all natural, safe for the environment, and cruelty-free. Note to self: Order some soon. 

After the shower or daily (if I don't get a shower):
I use KISS MY FACE, in Peaches and Cream, as a daily moisturizing lotion on my face. It's all natural, using gentle fruit acids to exfoliate. It's not tested on animals, phthalate free, and no synthetic dyes or colors. It feels soft and creamy on my face, and leaves a refreshing after-scent. I rub it around my eyes, and on other potential wrinkle-forming areas.
My absolute favorite antiperspirant deodorant is Tom's of Maine in Fresh Apricot flavor. Talk about aromatherapy! Every time I put it on I feel instantly calm and happy! It's made with natural fragrances, organic oils, aluminum-free, and not tested on animals. I love this stuff and kinda panicked when I couldn't find it here in Cedar City right away. Luckily I thought to check Wal-mart and found they carried it, even when the local health store didn't. Who knew?
On my lips I apply a mixture of essential oils mixed with beeswax. Right now I am using this Magical salve made by Ho'omana Royal Mana Oil, which we used to purchase at the Hilo Farmers Market. It is made with Hawaiian beeswax plus a blend of peppermint, oregano, teatree, and spearmint essential oils. It feels tingly, cool, and soothing on my perma-chapped-Utah-lips. I'm thinking that when I run out I will have to either make my own, or order more in bulk! This stuff is amazingly addicting to my lips. 

I use a leave-in conditioner to de-tangle my wild mane. My Avon-selling-friend in Hawaii got me hooked on Avon's Damage Repair-3-D Rescue-Leave-in-Treatment.  It claims to repair chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. It feels amazingly smooth, smells great, and adds a little bounce to my wavy curls. And did you know that Avon doesn't test on animals?  I am almost out and need to order more! I need a new Avon lady! p.s I also use their make-up on those days when I want to feel extra purdy.
I like to spritz a diluted blend of lavender essential oil on my neck everyday. Lavender is soothing, and relaxing. It is known to relive stress, tension, pain, and enhance blood circulation. I also like to add a few drops to a warm bath when I can. Recently my dear friend Melissa dropped off an essential oil blend called Joy that I've been spritzing on my entire body. She brought it over when I was having a hard time in my pregnancy. I love the way it makes me feel-Pure joy every time I take a whiff of it!
As far as toothpaste goes, I rotate through lots of different brands, such as Arm n' Hammer Baking Soda, Tom's of Main Spearmint, or AIM. I wish I could find one that I really liked, felt good about, and could stick with. I have friends that make their own toothpaste, with all natural ingredients, but I haven't felt motivated to take that route, yet. If you have any recommendations of a toothpaste you love, I'd love to hear it!

So that's pretty much it! Don't ask me why I wanted to write this down, but I did. There's so many things out there we can absorb into our bodies! Our skin and hair is so fragile and  delicate and will soak up whatever we put onto it, good or bad! I feel pretty confident in my choices right now, and think I'll probably stick with this regimen for awhile. 

I'm curious to know what your favorite products are that you feel good about using?? Do you have a daily beautifying regimen that you love?

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