Monday, May 12, 2014

No Shame in the Pregnancy Game

This past Friday my husband and I hired our favorite babysitter to watch our three boys, then took a trip to the Temple! We drove the 45 minutes to the St. George Temple, where we were inside inside for about 2 hours, then caught some Nielson's Frozen yogurt on the way back. All in all, we were gone for about 4 1/2 hours.
 It's rare that we get the opportunity to get away like that, so when we do, I really hope our date is super special and memorable. 

And it was. In more ways than one. 

I was excited to go inside and relax, and feel the peace and calm that comes with going in the Temple. We go inside the Temple to ponder, to pray, to unify ourselves with God, and to do important ordinance work for our ancestors. It is very quiet in there . People don't generally talk over a whisper, which gives each other the chance to really focus on the Spirit, and meditate on what we are doing. 

I fell asleep in my chair within the first 15 minutes. It wasn't just a light sleep, either. It was a deep, deep, coma-like sleep. My head was resting on the back of my chair, my body was laid plank-like out in front of me, and nothing in the world was going to wake me up from this state of restful bliss. 
Except for when I started snoring very loudly. In the unconscious corners of my mind I could hear this thunderous, blubbering, snorting sound coming from somewhere in the Temple. Then I realized it was ME. I immediately woke up, sat up in my chair, and looked around. 
Was that really me? Was I just snorting in the Temple?
I looked at the people's faces closest to me, trying to guess by their expressions if they noticed it was me. Yes, yes they did. Three girls in front of me stared back and smiled. Then they smiled at each other. Oh the shame! A couple of men from across the room glanced over to see who was making that curious noise. Oh the embarrassment! I wanted to cry, I really did.
Until I looked down and saw the reality of my life. There I saw my huge, pregnant belly, and a mama that rarely ever gets a chance to sit and relax for such a long time, let alone take a nap. I saw my sore feet, aching from a long day of standing in the kichen, and chasing my toddler down the street on his scooter.  I saw my tired hands, limp from doing sink-loads of dishes, resting in my lap. I saw a mama who was truly living to the fullest measure of my existence, living life to it's absolute fullest, that I decided I could easily laugh off a silly snoring episode in the Temple.
So that's what I did. I laughed it off, and I continue to laugh about it whenever I think of it. When I saw my husband later on and asked if he'd heard me snoring in the back, he responded with a smile, "I thought that was you!" 

This experience got me thinking about how silly pregnant women are. I'm not suggesting that we look goofy or act silly, but that we have to put up with a lot of things we normally wouldn't, which makes me feel silly!
*Like wearing socks with flip-flops. I don't want my feet to be cold, nor can I comfortably bend over to tie my shoes, so I decided I would rather look like this, in public:
Or wearing bathing suits that don't fit. I already bought a bathing suit in my second trimester and I don't want to spend money on another one. So, I decided I would rather look like this, in public:
This picture I found on the net. I don't even bother painting my nails anymore, because the last time I did, they turned out something like this:

Or how about these awesome do-dads? They keep your uterus from falling to the floor. I get so big and uncomfortable that I have to wear them, and they make me feel like a large animal getting transferred to the zoo.
See the resemblence?
Lastly, one thing that made me laugh was when my 6 yr old answered a little questionairre at church about his mother for mothers day. One of the questions was,"How does your mother spend most of her day?"
His answer: Sleeping.

Ha! So, I guess I'm a snorting, snoring, socks-with-flip-flops-toting, too-small-swimsuit-sporting,whale-transferring-belt-wearing, sleeping-all-day-pregnant mama, who has no shame.
There's no shame in the game!

And here's a 30 week picture update from Mother's Day yesterday: (In defense of my 8 yr old, he had just woken up from a nap, and was grumpy as can be=no smiles. And 3 yr old was sick in another room. But   6 yr old looks happy, with his new, toothless smile!)
I feel like I've reached a huge milestone in reaching 30 weeks. I don't know why--It just feels good--Like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, with only 10 more weeks to go! Woot woot! I can do this!

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