Monday, May 26, 2014

TEN things I love about being pregnant

32 weeks Hapai
1. Feeling our baby move and squirm inside my belly. It's always a reminder to me that my body is such a complex and amazing creation. I mean, there's a HUMAN inside me for golly sakes-- a living organism that's alive, and can move, and has a name! INCREDIBLE!

2. How curious my kids are about my growing belly. They like to look at how huge it's gotten, and try to feel the baby move with their little hands. They even talk to the baby and tell it jokes! It's special to be able to share this pregnancy with my boys.

3. Feeling a stronger spiritual connection with my Heavenly Father--more than normal. I am at such a vulnerable stage in my life and I believe this vulnerability allows me to open up more and more readily feel His guiding light at a higher level. Pregnancy is no easy thing for me. I need His constant reassurance and love. I need Him to remind me that I am on the right path, especially on my worst days. It's a hard time, but an exceptionally meaningful time.

4. Getting ready for the birth. I get this anxious, giddy excitement inside me as I think about birthing-day. I love planning parties and events, and planning for baby's birth-day is much like that for me. Micah and I get to order the supplies, get the birthing tub ready, decide on what foods and drinks I'll want while in labor, prep our children for the big day, plus we'll be making arrangements with our birth photographer. I like to plan out where the birthing tub will be set up so that I can envision the big event. I was planning on birthing down in my bedroom, which is in the basement, but then decided the living room is much brighter and more welcoming. I might even put on a little lip gloss and do my hair!

5. Blessingways and Baby Showers. For my first pregnancy I was given a huge baby shower, my second pregnancy a luncheon with friends, and my third pregnancy, a Blessingway, (In three different States) and I loved each one of them. I love the special attention a mother gets as she's preparing for one of the biggest transformations of her life. Weather it's the first baby or 10th baby, I think honoring a mother-to-be with encouragement, love, support, and thoughtful gifts is a wonderful thing to do. (I think there's something in the works for me next month and I'm excited!)

6. Remembering that carrying a baby inside me is such a short-term experience in the long-term-time-line of my life.  I am only a pregnant mother for a small sliver of time, then life goes on. 
As I thought about this the other day I got kind of sad. Well, nostalgic, really, to think that these pregnant years are almost over for me. It made me grateful to be pregnant in this moment, and grateful that it isn't over, yet. Because, three months from now I'm going to forget all about what this feels like. It's bittersweet. Well, maybe more sweet than bitter.

7. Drinking cow milk. I don't normally drink milk as a beverage, except for when I'm pregnant. Then I drink it by the gallons. Okay, maybe a quart a day. But the point is, it's deeply satisfying to me. Drinking a cup of cow's milk is like my daily dose of happy medicine. In fact, it's 9:30pm and my husband is running to the store to buy me more milk. I'm kinda going to miss this when it's  over. 

8. Having a loving and supportive husband. I couldn't do this without Micah by my side.  He has been with me through 4 pregnancies and has survived! This man deserves a medal! 
Last week he went on a work trip to CA for four days and I completely fell apart. By the time he got home I was totally burnt out, exhausted, irrational, and somewhat neurotic. I could barely function. My kids were scared of me. I also had this total freak-out episode where I cancelled our home birth, and made an appointment at the hospital where I just wanted the doctor to pump me full of drugs and hand me the baby at the end. 
But after my husband came home, everything calmed down again. He soothed away all my fears, calmed all my sorrows, and knocked the sense back into me. He also gave me a wonderful Priesthood blessing that recharged my weary soul.
**Nothing against epidurals or hospitals, of course. In my case, this would be going against the grain of what I truly want and need, which isn't good for anyone to do, no matter what your choice!

9. Doing nothing. Lately I've been sitting in my camping chair outside, watching my kids play, and doing nothing. I really enjoy doing nothing. As a big, sore, pregnant mama, doing nothing feels really good, (and I don't feel like I should be doing anything else!) It reminds me of sitting on the beach, watching the waves, and meditating on the beauty of life. Except for instead of waves, I get to watch the natural rhythm and movement of my children at play. I'm looking forward to sitting in that same chair with a nursing baby, doing nothing.

10. Having a baby at the end to make all this worth it! Thank Heavens there's a baby at the end! This might be my favorite part about being pregnant. ;)


chelsea mckell said...

My mouth dropped open when I read that you cancelled the home birth and scheduled the doc. ACK! That's not my Sally! Picturing you in a hospital hooked up to monitors is like trying to picture myself at an underground rave. It just doesn't work.

You ALMOST have me missing pregnancy! I love so many of those things too!

Sally Jackson said...

Haha. That made me laugh Chelsea. It's not THAT impossible is it? Although I can't picture you at an underground rave, so you're probably right. :)