Sunday, June 22, 2014

*36 weeks pregnant

"So, are you having twins?"
This is probably the most common question I get. 
Here's a list of other stuff people say to me while I'm out on the town:

"You look ready to burst!"
"So are you due any second?"
"My you look uncomfortable!"
"Don't you hate being pregnant in the hot summer months?"
"Oh this weather must be awful for you being pregnant and all."
"When are the twins due?"
"I'm amazed you can walk at all, with that big belly!"
"Oh what a glorious belly!" (as stranger-woman proceeds to rub my tummy)
"Wow-this pregnancy has gone by really fast!"
"Look at that little blessing right there."
"Don't over-work yourself."

I don't really mind all the comments, In fact, I've been feeling really emotionally awesome lately. I think it might be the adrenaline involved with seeing the light at the end of this tunnel. This has been a long 9 months for me, waiting for our baby to get here. I am READY! We decided to name him Malachi. Once we realized this beautiful name we knew we didn't have to look any further. I love being able to talk to him, calling him by his name. Malachi is a Hebrew name meaning "My Messenger" or "Messenger of God." I love it so much.

At my last pre-natal appointment there were traces of glucose and leukocytes in my urine. The glucose is a sign of too much sugars in my diet. Go figure. 
Basically I need to eat more protein and be cautious of the risks for Gestational Diabetes. I gained 65 pounds this pregnancy so far, which isn't a huge deal if I'm exercising and eating healthy, but I'm afraid I got lazy. My lovely meals of toast for breakfast, cereal for lunch, and pasta for dinner will only hurt the baby at this point. So, this past week 1/2 I've jumped back on the healthy-protein wagon for good. Our midwife lovingly reminded me that It's not just about me right now, but about the health of the baby. (a baby that comes out with high blood sugar will feel yucky and dysfunctional.) 

My favorite high-protein meals right now:
*Scrambled eggs sauteed with mushrooms, garlic, bell-peppers, and spinach.
*Grilled pork marinated in shoyu over garden lettuce 
*Egg salad sandwiches with lettuce, not bread.
*Teriyaki chicken with broccoli
*Fish sticks and veggies
*Crab ceviche with tomato, cilantro, and avocado
*Chicken stuffed red-bell peppers 
*Tuna over spinach
*Beef and bean Tacos with salsa
*Ham and lentil soup with tons of veggies tossed in

 And the leukocytes are a sign of infection. Maybe part UTI, part Yeast. I went heavy on the cranberry pills, the Grapefruit seed extract, and the Monastat 7. Plus tons and tons of water, which is usually my cure-all for everything.

The last couple days It's felt like the baby's head has dropped into my pelvis. I can breathe better up-top, but can't walk as well down-low.  It's the craziest feeling to actually feel the pressure from a baby's head on your bottom (even the 4th time!)! Yesterday I had intense lower-back pains, I am peeing more frequently and walking slower than a snail. Once again, I need reminders that this is all part of a  normal, healthy pregnancy. All these aches and pains are part of the process and don't necessarily mean I'm going into labor right this second, or that I'm gonna die. (Which were my thoughts yesterday. haha) 

True, I'm feeling extremely done being pregnant, and true, I wish I was 10x more comfortable, but in order to keep myself in a positive mind-frame, I need to focus on the good. I need to focus on how healthy, functional, and wonderfully progressive my pregnant body is at this point. Right now it is doing everything it needs to do to prepare for our Malachi to get here. Even the hard, intense pressure on my lower body is a good sign. This is my positive mind speaking to me. These are my husband's kind words reminding me to hang in there. These are the encouraging words from our knowledgeable midwife.

However, my negative mind wants to call BullSh#*%t on this whole pregnancy thing. Ha! This is actually from my favorite clip from What to Expect When you're Expecting:
In this clip  Wendy is at a mother/baby conference. She's already peed her pants, switched soiled dresses with her assistant, is horribly uncomfortable, and then has to give a speech on the miracle of motherhood. You might have to see the entire movie to appreciate it, but I laughed so hard at how well I could relate! Where is the glow?

Whelp, that's it for now. Someday I'll look back on these little pregnancy updates and be reminded of all the things I've forgotten, and maybe even miss it a bit.


An Herbalist at Home said...

I hear ya. Be strong, Mama.

At the end of pregnancy, I am always amazed that this is the only way that humans are brought here to Earth and the human race still continues. Ha! :)

It is an incredible honor to be a vessel for the Lord's precious babies. Good work!!

An Herbalist at Home said...
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