Sunday, June 1, 2014

Welcome to Utah, Spring in Review

I'm still tripping out that we are so settled in here! It seems like I'd been feeling so wishy washy recently about the state of our futures again, and then suddenly overnight we became official Cedar City residents!! Maybe it was the moment we decided to send Odin and Jonah to school next Fall, or the moment we moved into our new home, or the moment we got 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a bunny, or maybe it was the moment we got our official callings at church. Whatever the defining moment was, I feel like we are here to stay. It's a really good feeling, but also a new feeling I have to get used to. 
When people ask,"So how did you end up settling down in Utah, what with your husband from CA and you from HI?",  I usually just reply with the short answer:,"Because we like it here and my husband found a good job."
It's not only true, but it saves me from having to explain all the tedious details. 
But If it's someone asking whom I know well, and they don't mind the longer version, I usually go on to explain:

"Well, I left my home in Hawaii in 2002 to work for a wilderness therapy program in Arizona. Then after I was done working there, I applied for college in Provo, Utah and got accepted (BYU). I met my husband while I was going to college because he was driving through town visiting with some friends, and we got set up on a blind date. He is from Los Angeles, but was working at a wilderness therapy program down in Southern Utah, right near Cedar City, at the time. I met him on his week off. We got married 10 months later and moved to California for 2 years, then Idaho for 2 years, then down to Cedar City, UT for 2 years, then to Salt Lake City, UT for 10 months, then back to Hawaii for 2 years.  In between all these moves we had 3 awesome children. While we were in Hawaii we realized and felt inspired that we needed to make another change in our family's future direction. We didn't feel that staying in Hawaii would be the best place for us to raise our children and settle down. (as much as I wanted it to be, it just wasn't going to work on several levels) So, we prayed, and pondered, and thought about all the other places in the world we could move to, when a rare opportunity came up for Micah to teach back in Cedar City, UT. It was magic. We both loved it here and knew it would be the perfect place to settle down. So Micah took the job, and we took a huge leap of faith by moving from Hawaii, back to Utah. And so here we are! We don't have any family here, and feel that we are pioneers in our own regards, but nonetheless we are fitting right in! Our children are really thriving here, I am happy with my life, my husband loves his job, and it just seems to be exactly where we need to be at this time. 
Sure, I miss Hawaii. Some days my missing Hawaii is worse than others. I think there will always be an empty spot in my heart for the ocean, but God has filled me up in so many other ways, that I just can't stop and be sad about it. This is where I belong right now, and life is good" 
The end.

With all this being said, here's a picture pile-up of what our lives look like here in Southern Utah. Spring has been beautiful and glorious, and my favorite season of Summer is upon us!

We got a bunny! He bites and scratches, and I kind of hate him, but it's been a really good experience for the kids. They help me take care of him and feed him carrots. Sometimes when he's in a good mood I sit him on my lap and pet his soft, furry head and tell him he's a nice bunny.
 His name is Watermelon-cream-cheese-little birdy-hawk, per Jonah's request.
 The kids love the trampoline! What was life like before the trampoline? I can't remember!
 Our dogs got fixed and then had to wear these ridiculous cones to keep from taking out the stitches.
 The Border Collie boys: 9 months old.
 Jonah posing in our new backyard. I love this yard with all my heart.
The boys all bought waterguns and then took to the park for the ultimate water fight. 
 Discussing the logistics of water-gun-shooting:
 Zaddy bought this gun with his own money:
 Jonah doing his own thang on the side, as usual.
 We had a freak snow storm come through on Mother's Day. Our peach tree got annhilated:
 But the sledding was really fun the next day! The boys dragged me out of bed so we wouldn't miss it--our last chance to sled in town until next Winter. It was all melted by 2pm later that day.
Zadok doing the backwards slide. 
 This is Odin's Kindergarten teacher. She was such an amazing, kind, caring, loving teacher. We couldn't have asked for a better experience for his first (1/2) year of school. Odin is excited and looking forward to first grade next year!
 Me and a baby goat. Just because.
 I got my hands on a King-sized water-bed mattress and filled it up for the kids. It was the ultimate "water blob" experience! I'm saving it for all future backyard splash parties!
 The boys wrestled for hours on the blobby:
 We had a bunch of neighborhood kids over for a backyard splash party.
 This was the day Jonah decided to start wearing his undies on the outside of his shorts for a more "Super-hero-esque" look.
 Odin lost his top tooth!
 His big brother was very proud of him:
 I am 33 weeks pregnant in this picture. This was taken at Ladybug Nursery.
 Catching ladybugs at the Ladybug Nursery!

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