Thursday, September 11, 2014

7 weeks Mally Pie

*He weighs 15 lbs and is 23 inches tall.
*Everywhere we go people tell me how adorable he is...and how big!
*He's wearing 3-6 months outfits now.
*He spits up a lot after he eats. Sometimes the milk comes spilling out the side like a fountain. Then he burps and eats some more.
*He shoots milk out of his nostrils sometimes. It's freaky.
*He started to genuinely smile at 6 weeks old. It's the biggest, most happiest baby smile, and always makes me want to cry because he looks so happy! He does it once a day.
*He loves to be held and will only take a nap in his swinging swing or if I'm holding him/wearing him. 
*He likes his mom to hold him best. :)
*When I smell the top of his head I am filled with happy, loving, nurturing happiness. (someones needs to bottle and sell baby head smell!)
*I noticed that at 2 weeks old he would get excited when he heard my voice. i.e. he would start chewing on his fists or look around the room with wide eyes and move his head from side to side. He knows his mama!
*He's always so warm. And squishy. 
*We call him Mal-Mal or Mala or Mally Pie. 
*He sleeps right next to me in bed, between Micah and I. 
*He sleeps like a rock for 7-9 hours straight then wakes up grunting for milkies. (none of my babies have ever slept this long at night!! 2-3 hours MAX. I'm reeeeeally loving this!)
*His dad gave him a baby blessing on Sunday. It was a beautiful, powerful blessing just for Malachi.
*He's loved and adored by his family.

We are so blessed to have baby Mal-Mal. I can't imagine our lives without him. He completes our group of boy children perfectly! 
My house may be a disaster, all my projects pushed aside, and personal hygiene in question, but there is a whole lotta love for this baby, which makes it all worth it. 
At the computer with mama.

Sleeping with his pinky held high.

We take him on dates with us.

6 week photos

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