Friday, September 12, 2014

Dropping Awesomeness in my Bucket all Week

Every now and then I run across a something on the Internet that totally affects my life for the good! Maybe it's a blog post, or a news piece, or a spiritual thought, or a thoughtful essay on a parenting website, or something someone posted on my facebook newsfeed.... This one came to me through my facebook newsfeed from a friend and it's called Drops of Awesome. Please read it! The idea is simply wonderful. I've been thinking about it all week and applying it to my life and it really works! I've been able to combat so many negative thoughts with Drops of Awesome and have been filling my positive bucket to overflowing. I've noticed a real difference in how I see myself, especially how I've been able to build myself up instead of beat myself down when I want to feel good.
The first day I tried this concept of Drops of Awesome I caught myself off-guard. It was just last week. I had just finished a great exercise jog around my neighborhood, where the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I was filled to the brim with happy endorphins!  I felt so good I was grinning from ear to ear!  However, right as I was floating on Cloud 9 my negative mind chimed in with: "Why do you feel so good? You're still fat! The jog didn't change a darn thing. You gained too much weight this pregnancy and you still have 30 more pounds to lose and all you did was run around the neighborhood! You don't deserve to feel good until you've dropped all this weight," said my inner demon-monster.
Right as these negative thoughts were barging their way into my mind I immediately remembered Drops of Awesome and filled myself up with positive. Yes, I am bigger and more out of shape than I want to be, but I feel great right now! My body is healthy and strong, and my baby is beautiful. My amazing body grew this beautiful baby and I get some drops of awesome in my bucket for jogging around the block!
Kathryn says in her post,
"When I started thinking about my life in terms of adding these little Drops of Awesome for every tiny act of good, I found that I was doing more and more of them because it’s a lot more fun to do good when you’re rewarded with joy, rather than being guilted about every failure in your past." Kathryn Thompson
So I started rewarding myself for more things I was doing well all week. Things I had put off forever, things I hated doing, and things that I needed to change about myself. 
I jogged around the neighborhood after not jogging for 9 months. Drops of Awesome!
I finally bought my son his scout shirt who turned 8 in march, and sewed the patches on. Drops of Awesome!
I mowed the backyard lawn and picked up dog poop after never doing it, ever. Drops of Awesome!
I swept under the kitchen table this week. Drops of Awesome!
I started reading my scriptures everyday....again. Drops of Awesome!
I was patient and loving with my four year old when he threw another tantrum at the breakfast table. Drops of Awesome!
 I've been able to see how these Drops of Awesome really move you forward and help you to be a better person, even when you've failed miserably in the past.  I wasn't patient with my four year old yesterday. Not at all. His illogical freak-out episodes were driving me insane and I lost my temper more than once. But today is a new day! Instead of me getting upset with him about eating his breakfast when I asked him to, and him crying about his food, and us both being angry, I made a Lion den under the computer desk where we ate our breakfasts together. We laughed, and roared, and ate scrambled Zebra. I didn't beat myself up for not doing this yesterday because I was an awesome mom today. Drops of Awesome!
See how this works? 
"In the end, it’s really about allowing yourself to feel joy and allowing yourself to be proud of the small victories of life. This builds momentum and you want more drops in your bucket and when you don’t get as many, you pick yourself up and say, “What can I do next?”
What I can do next is keep exercising, keep feeling good, keep being patient with my challenging son, keep serving my family, keep being happy for who I am, keep enjoying my new baby, keep combating negative thoughts, and keep remembering that I am not perfect, but I can do better each day.
** Seattle-based blogger Kathryn Thompson just came out with her first book, a journal based on this blog post. It's called, "Drops of Awesome: The You're-More-Awesome-Than-You-Think Journal." From Amazon: If you aren’t rooting for yourself, who will? Drops of Awesome is that unique discovery journal about celebrating the amazingness of you. Based on the viral blog Drops of Awesome, this book helps you become your own biggest cheerleader and tells your inner critic to stick a sock in it.
And I want it! I want to pre-order it from Amazon here and start my own personal Drops of Awesome journey! I'm so excited!