Thursday, September 18, 2014

Feeling Amazed

I feel amazed this morning at all I have. 
A family to love.
A husband with a job.
A home to live in.
I am amazed that we have this home to come back to, to retreat from the outside world. I don't have to go out there If I don't want to, and I love having that option.

I am grateful for the options our family has.
We have the option to send our kids to school or keep them home for homeschool.
We have the option to birth with a midwife at home or birth in a hospital. (or both!)
We have the option to attend church and worship God as we please, or choose whatever belief system we want to.
We have the option to grow our own garden and eat from the bounty of our harvest and also shop from a store to get the things we need.
We have the option to see medical professionals when we're sick, or gain knowledge and treat symptoms on our own.
We have the option to wear what we want and dress how we please.
We have the option to voice our opinions and be heard by our government.
We have the option to make things--create art, write books, paint walls, and decorate.

Our streets are clean.
Our children are healthy.
Our soil is rich in minerals.
Our stores are stocked with necessities.
Our water comes out clean from the faucet.
Our toilets flush.
Our windows keep out heat and cold.
Our neighbors are friendly.
Our neighborhood is safe.

I don't take these things for granted. Not one tiny bit. I am amazed everyday that I live in a situation like this. That these blessings are available to me at this time in my life. 
I feel gratitude every single time I run the washing machine and dryer, that my children will have clean clothes, and all it takes is the push of some buttons. 

I have a lot to be grateful for and I feel amazed today that this is my life.

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chelsea mckell said...

awww... this made me happy :)

You forgot one thing -
Gratitude for the internet and how it can keep us connected w/ those we care about, no matter how far from each other we live!