Friday, October 31, 2014

Minivan Floor Costume-Halloween 2014

Looking for a last-minute Halloween costume idea?
It's called, 
"The floor of my minivan."
If you're a mom and you drive a minivan, and you have any children at all, this means you don't have time to actually clean that minivan! And the clutter that builds up on the floor is disgusting, gross, and downright spooky. Hence, the perfect Halloween costume. 

Step 1: Clean out the floor of your minivan
Step 2: Superglue all the crap to your favorite mom sweats
Step 3: Add a shirt to go with it, covered in dirty footprints, grass stains, and crumbs. 

 Happy Halloween!

Here's my  cute li' Pumpkin baby to assist me on Halloween night. I don't have photos of the other 3 boys, yet. Z and O are going to be the same thing as last year (Dark Wizard and Fire Wizard, and J is a tiny Ninja. (Click here for Halloween 2013)
The boys carved watermelon-o-lanterns since we had so many leftover after the frost this year.

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