Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday is Bathrooms

I'm becoming really organized in my old age: like a really, really organized person that keeps track of everything and knows where everything is!! I'm pretty proud of myself, especially because this is a skill I've been trying to develop over the past decade. So let me just brag about myself for a moment here:
My digital pictures are organized into years, categorized by months, and individually labeled. All 8,000 of them. For instance, if I want to find a photo of our second child Odin holding a frog in Zions National Park in 2009, all I'd have to do is type in a few search words like "Odin","frog", or  "Zions" and my photo would pop up. Or, If I wanted to find that one picture of Micah swimming at Meadow Hot Ponds all I'd have to do is type in "Micah", "Meadow" and voila! This is something I've been working on for years and I'm finally caught up. Yay me!
Secondly, my journals are organized. Everything I've saved since I was zero years old is tucked neatly into a folder categorized by school and age groups. (Birth to 4, K-5, 6-8, 9-12, the 20's, and the 30's.) My posterity will thank me!

I've also found that sticking to a somewhat flexible and organized schedule during my week keeps me saner than I ever imagined. I think that the more children I have, the more organized I want to be.
To keep on top of house-cleaning I've come up with a daily cleaning schedule that seems to be working so far:
Monday is bathrooms.
Tuesday is floors. (sweep and mop)
Wednesday is laundry.
Thursday is vacuuming.
Friday is cleaning and tidying up bedrooms.
Saturday is front yard, backyard and both cars.

This schedule works great for me because it calms me down from freaking out. If I start to stress about the gross bathrooms on Saturday, I relax knowing that by Monday they will both be squeaky clean again. Or, If I look down at my horrendously dirty kitchen floors on Thursday, I can let the negative feelings go, knowing that on Tuesday they'll be shiny again. 
If I tried to keep everything clean and shiny every day of the week I would run myself into the ground and dig an early grave for myself! It's just not possible to have a clean house 24/7. And I don't even think I want one. Some messes are there because we were having fun and part of being in a family is having fun and making messes.

The 2 oldest boy's daily chore schedules coincide with this list, also. So on Mondays they each get a bathroom where they are assigned to take out the garbages, scrub the toilets and sinks, wash the mirrors, and scrub the bathtub ring-of-scum if needs be. On Tuesdays one of them mops while the other sweeps, on Wednesday they sort laundry and put it away, on Thursday one of them vacuums upstairs while the other vacuums downstairs, on Friday they clean their bedrooms, etc... Then on Saturday our entire family heads outside to pick up trash, pick up dog poop, and do any yard maintenance needed. They also help their dad with wood chopping, pulling weeds, checking for chicken eggs, and all that fun outside stuff. My sweet n' stubborn four year old Jonah is very resistant to doing anything to help out right now, so I am waiting patiently for him to turn a more reasonable five. 

Having a weekly meal plan has also saved my sanity:
Monday is a Meat Dish.
Tuesday is tacos. (or any Mexican dish)
Wednesday is breakfast for dinner.
Thursday is noodles. (or any Italian dish)
Friday is PIZZA.
Saturday is leftovers or eat out.
Sunday is scrounge for food day or crockpot. 

This schedule works for me because I no longer have to freak out on Thursday afternoon wondering what the heck I'm going to make for dinner that night! I already know it's something with noodles. And noodles are easy. Fridays are actually my favorite. (Thank you Little Ceasars. Okay sometimes we make our own pizza). And I always look forward to Tuesdays because it's either burritos, tacos, enchiladas, or nachos.  Yum!
We've actually saved a lot of money by following this plan. I type out our menu, then one of us goes to the store and gets the food, then we don't have to go shopping again for a week! (un;less we need fresh produce) It's saved us from last-minute-runs to the store to get last-minute items for dinner, and buying last-minute-things that aren't on sale.

I asked around on facebook to see what my friend's thought of this weekly meal-themes-planning-schedule and found that most of them follow a similar one, too. I think the idea originated from the Food Nanny, but maybe our ancient cave-ancestors followed it, too.
Monday: Meat on a stick
Tuesday: Berries and grass
Wednesday: Meat on a stick
Thursday: Grass and berries
Friday: Meat, grass, and berries
Saturday: leftovers
Sunday: Barbecued meat-grass-berries

Wait, did neanderthal cave-dwellers even  have fire?

Well, it's Monday, and I'm off to clean my bathrooms! (Just in time for them to be dirty again by next Monday. :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

No More Licking Rocks

Poison Control: Hello this is Mary at Poison Control, and  how can I help you?

Me (panicking): Well, my baby was sucking on a blue rock crystal and got the chemicals in his mouth and all over his face and hands.

Poison Control: What type of rock crystals are we talking about?

Me: It was from a "grow your own rock crystal set" that my older son had. He put the rock on the floor and the baby got it and starting sucking the crystals off, and now I'm really worried because when we were doing the project we had to wear goggles and gloves to keep the chemicals off of us , and now my baby has been sucking on it!

Poison Control: And how old is your baby?

Me: 6 months old

Poison Control: And his name?

Me: Malachi

Poison Control: Is he in general good health?

Me: Yes, he's very healthy in general.

Poison Control: Is he showing any signs of irritation or redness around his mouth? Has he been vomiting?

Me: No, he's actually happily playing right now and doesn't show any signs of irritation. No vomiting.

Poison Control: Has he been given anything to drink?

Me: No, I just washed the outsides of his face and hands to get the blue off. Should I?

Poison Control: Yes, it doesn't sound like he ingested very much of it, but it sounds like he may have received a small amount of chemicals in his mouth and throat so giving him a sip of water may help to relieve any irritation. It sounds like he's doing okay, but lets keep an eye on him for the next hour to make sure. I'll call back in an hour to check on him, okay? He's going to be allright, okay?

Me (calming down some): Okay, thank you so much. I'll look forward to your call in an hour. I mean, he seems like he's not bothered by it, and he's happy right now, so I suppose he'll probably be okay. 
But gosh, it must've been disgusting! I licked the rock to see what it tasted like and ewww! It was SO gross!

Poison Control: Ummm, you licked the rock ma'am?

Me: Yes, I licked it to see what it tasted like.

Poison Control: And how old are you ma'am?

Me: Thirty-five.....

Poison Control: And your name?

Me: Sally....

Poison Control: Are you in general good health?

Me: Ummm yes, but I"m fine. I was just seeing what it tasted like. I'm not calling for me. I'm fine. I am calling for the baby...

Poison Control: Are you showing any signs of irritation or redness around your mouth? Have you been vomiting?

Me (awkwardly): Um, no, I am fine. I swear I'm fine. I was just licking it to see what it tasted like.

Poison Control: Okay well, you may have received a small amount of trace chemicals in your mouth and throat so take a sip of water to help relieve any irritation. I'll call back in an hour to check on both of you, okay?

Me: Okay...

One hour Later: Ring-ring.

Me: Hello?

Poison Control: Hello this is Mary from Poison Control. I am calling to check on you and Malachi to make sure you're doing allright.

Me: The baby is doing fine. He hasn't shown any signs of irritation or illness.

Poison Control: Were you both able to take some sips of water?

Me: Yes, he took some sips of water and he's doing fine. We're both doing fine.

Poison Control: Okay great! Now keep in mind next time that if you suspect a possible poisoning, take caution not to ingest the same thing as your child. It wouldn't do either of you any good to both be sick at the same time. You need to stay healthy to take care of your child, allright? Let's not go licking any more rocks, allright?

Me (rather sheepishly): Yes, maa'm. Thank you. Goodbye.

Poison Control: Goodbye!

**And that was my lesson for the day.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

My True Accomplishments

True accomplishments:

I am a daughter of God.
I am married to a loyal, dedicated, hardworking, and honest man.
I am sealed for time and eternity in a beautiful Temple
I am at peace with who I am: (I don't lie, or cheat, or steal, or look for drama or trouble.)
I have close relationships with my four children who adore me.
I love my children and love being their mother.
I have a close relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ.
I love my Heavenly Father and trust Him with my life.
I serve Him in whatever capacity He asks me to.
I have committed my life to keeping His commandments and in following His eternal plan.
I have overcome challenges in my life that I never thought possible.
I have moved forward from some very hard, hurtful circumstances and discovered happiness within myself.
I have seen immeasurable growth in myself as I've become a wife and mother.
I am a good person.
I am a dedicated member of my church.
I have a deep and real understanding of my church membership and what it means to be a Mormon. 
I love this church with all my heart.
I volunteer in my community and try to help people around me.
I am healthy, active, and strong in my physical body.
I don't struggle with addiction.
I love nature and marvel at God's beautiful creations.
I love breastfeeding.
I love cuddling and kissing my 5 month old baby.
I am a loving person.
I am a giving person.
I find satisfaction and joy in serving in my church callings.
I love planning parties.
I love my friends.

I may not succeed in many of the temporal goals I have for myself: I may never write that best-selling-book, or run a successful etsy business, or look how I want to look right now, or have enough money to fly to Hawaii for vacation, or be as fit as I want, or finish my bachelors degree, or have an awesome wardrobe with fantastic knee-high boots, but I have accomplished things in my life that have made my life more meaningful than I ever imagined. I need to recognize these things more frequently and remember how far I've come on this journey, despite my unfinished business.

Today was a really hard day. I kept trying to count my blessings and be grateful for all I've accomplished and all that I have, but nothing was working. It was a sad, depressing, grumpy sort of day, but I think it's okay to accept defeat some days and hope for a better day tomorrow.
Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day!
Tomorrow I will feel happier, be more in tune with the blessings in my life, and look to the future with hope.
Tomorrow I will look over this list of true accomplishments and remember that I am way more valuable than the worldly accomplishments I desire. I may not have the time or energy to do all the things I want to do, yet gosh, look how far I've already come.

Looking forward to a 2015 filled with love and acceptance for myself, even on the hard days.