Thursday, January 1, 2015

My True Accomplishments

True accomplishments:

I am a daughter of God.
I am married to a loyal, dedicated, hardworking, and honest man.
I am sealed for time and eternity in a beautiful Temple
I am at peace with who I am: (I don't lie, or cheat, or steal, or look for drama or trouble.)
I have close relationships with my four children who adore me.
I love my children and love being their mother.
I have a close relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ.
I love my Heavenly Father and trust Him with my life.
I serve Him in whatever capacity He asks me to.
I have committed my life to keeping His commandments and in following His eternal plan.
I have overcome challenges in my life that I never thought possible.
I have moved forward from some very hard, hurtful circumstances and discovered happiness within myself.
I have seen immeasurable growth in myself as I've become a wife and mother.
I am a good person.
I am a dedicated member of my church.
I have a deep and real understanding of my church membership and what it means to be a Mormon. 
I love this church with all my heart.
I volunteer in my community and try to help people around me.
I am healthy, active, and strong in my physical body.
I don't struggle with addiction.
I love nature and marvel at God's beautiful creations.
I love breastfeeding.
I love cuddling and kissing my 5 month old baby.
I am a loving person.
I am a giving person.
I find satisfaction and joy in serving in my church callings.
I love planning parties.
I love my friends.

I may not succeed in many of the temporal goals I have for myself: I may never write that best-selling-book, or run a successful etsy business, or look how I want to look right now, or have enough money to fly to Hawaii for vacation, or be as fit as I want, or finish my bachelors degree, or have an awesome wardrobe with fantastic knee-high boots, but I have accomplished things in my life that have made my life more meaningful than I ever imagined. I need to recognize these things more frequently and remember how far I've come on this journey, despite my unfinished business.

Today was a really hard day. I kept trying to count my blessings and be grateful for all I've accomplished and all that I have, but nothing was working. It was a sad, depressing, grumpy sort of day, but I think it's okay to accept defeat some days and hope for a better day tomorrow.
Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day!
Tomorrow I will feel happier, be more in tune with the blessings in my life, and look to the future with hope.
Tomorrow I will look over this list of true accomplishments and remember that I am way more valuable than the worldly accomplishments I desire. I may not have the time or energy to do all the things I want to do, yet gosh, look how far I've already come.

Looking forward to a 2015 filled with love and acceptance for myself, even on the hard days.

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chelsea mckell said...

OH SALLLYYYY!!! I sooo resonate with this!! I need to make one for myself to get me the hard days :)