Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Good Habit Jar

The Good Habit Jar gets filled with a bead every time someone in our family does the good habit we are currently working on! We decide ahead of time as a family what good habit our family needs to work on so we're all working towards the same goal, then once the jar is filled to the top, we go out for ice-cream! This idea came from a podcast I was listening to on Power of Moms Radio.   It is genius!
Several months ago I really felt like we needed to say "I love you" more. It just wasn't being said enough in our home! To me, those 3 simple words convey such a powerful message that we are a family that is not afraid to show love and affection for each other, and that we are a family that shares how we feel frequently by saying I love you! 
I knew that we all loved each other, but we needed to get into a better habit of actually saying it.     
Enter the Good Habit Jar!
It started out slow, but pretty soon I was hearing I love you's every hour of the day!
(However, when I noticed the jar filling up too fast, we had to make a few rules such as : No standing by the jar and saying I love you over and over and over again, while throwing beads in. And no saying I love you to animals. And lastly, mom doesn't get to put beads in because she's already really good at this habit. I tell my kids I love them all day everyday)
So, their I love you's had to be genuine, and directed to a certain person in the family. 
It took us about a month to fill it to the top. After a month my heart was filled with happy as I could hear more I love you's being shared between family members. My favorite thing was right after family prayer and right before getting into bed, each one of my kids would say I love you to each family member, then they'd go count out the beads with a huge grin on their faces.

The next good habit we did was to work on saying Thank You more often. By the end of the month my kids were saying Thank You left and right, and probably more than they needed to (Zadok discovered that he could say thank you for mundane things like me turning on the car or one of his brothers flushing the toilet...i.e. "Thank you for flushing the toilet, Odin, and now I get to put a bead in the jar.") 
We filled up the jar pretty quickly and had a delicious night of blizzards at Dairy Queen to prove it! But the best part is that our family is saying thank you more often. It makes me really happy when I cook a meal and then I hear a bunch of little voices say,"Thank you, Mom!"

I wonder what we should do next? We'll never run out of  good habits to work on!

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