Sunday, October 18, 2015

Forty Day Facebook Fasting

Are you:
Feeling scatterbrained and cluttered in your mind? Losing and misplacing things constantly? Feeling a slight spiritual void in your heart? Feeling disconnected from real relationships and friends? Feeling distracted from your family? Feeling anxiety over too many responsibilities and too many things to keep track of? Are you forgetting to do simple things like pick up your child from school? (yes, this happened.)

**This may be a result of facebook overload. 

Join me in fasting from Facebook for forty days as we clear our hearts and minds from excessive images and thoughts from social media that get in the way of real life. Don't get me wrong, I love facebook and the opportunities it allows for us to connect, share, and respond to one anothers needs. There is nothing wrong with being a  part of a large community of people that you care for! In fact, many blessings have come from being involved with my facebook tribe. However, I know deep down in my heart that when I feel like the above, I've been overdoing it and it's time for a facebook fast.

Here's a little chart I made to mark off as I go and keep me on track. Notice that I get a TREAT every 10 days. That's to keep me motivated! Treats can come in the form of pedicures, a new outfit, something pretty for my room, a new can of paint, or a pint of my favorite Ben n' Jerry's ice-cream. 
Be creative and award yourself for staying true to your commitments!
I am starting tomorrow! Who's in with me?

**Disclaimer: Because facebook is more than just socializing, I will still respond to private inbox messages. I will also continue to post events and reminders to the groups I am in charge of: (my Breastfeeding support group, Cub Scouts group, and Church group). I do not think maintaining my groups is contributing to my craziness and I need to be available to those communities.)

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