Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Facebook fast fail

I failed miserably at my facebook fast: I only lasted 10 days. I got sucked back in at Halloween because let's face it, seeing everyone's Halloween posts is my favorite part of the whole year!! But, I'm not going to count this off as a failure, because it accomplished exactly what I needed it to accomplish. I took a break, reestablished my priorities, and came back with a fresh perspective. 
I actually do this a lot, and I think it's a healthy and productive thing to do. It would be too dramatic and unnecessary for me to quit facebook all together, and I now I know I can't go forty whole days without it, so I'm going to write this off as a win for knowing myself so well that I can set limits and boundaries that even I can live with. 
Forty days is a really long time. Why did I choose forty days? Probably first because I like alliteration (facebook fast both start with f!) and also because I read the scriptures a lot and I figured if Christ can go without food and water for forty days, then I should be able to go without social media! But alas, I can't. It's too much of an important and crucial part of my social life. And I probably couldn't go without food and water for that long, either. I'm just a pansy all around.
Here's to coming back to facebook a much more balanced person, and for liking facebook so much that I can't even be away from it for 10 days.
And here's a picture of a cute toddler seeing snow for the first time. His exclamation was so happy, I wish I could've recorded it!" "Goohooowahahaha!" or something sounding like that.

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