Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The la la la la Laundry game!

This is how our downstairs hallway looks 99% of the time. This is the clean laundry that comes out of the dryer and is then thrown into heaps onto the hallway carpet. Yes we own laundry baskets and yes the clean clothes often start out in them...... until they are dumped out, picked through, and shuffled through in hasty attempts to find those favorite shorts or missing socks! Hence, the permanent laundry mound:

I'm finally getting used to this permanent mound in the downstairs hallway. At first it was irritating: a constant source of annoyance and stress as well as a reminder that I can never keep up with housework for as long as I live: Of course I'd rather have my four children than a hallway free of laundry mounds-- its just a pity the two can't coexist.

So now I've turned our laundry mound into a bit of a game where once a week on either Wednesday or Saturday, depending on how high the mountain is, we put the laundry away in a fun way!

Here's how we play:
First we blast music (totally necessary). Usually Weird Al's latest hits or Cousin Waimea's birthday party mix.
Then I sit on one end of the mound while all 3 older boys sit on the other end.
Next I start tossing clothes at their heads in the air while shouting out who they belong to. The person whom it belongs to has to catch it and put it into their pile.
At the end when all the clothes are gone from the pile, everybody puts their clothes away.
Lastly we fold towels and sheets, put away dish rags, and match socks. 

And that's the laundry-put-away-game.

It's pretty fun most of the time except for when one of the boys is in a grumpy mood-then it's pure crankiness and annoyance and everyone puts away their laundry mad.
But that doesn't happen too often. Most of the time it's loud, hysterical, and filled with fun mischief-like when Zadok and Odin start wrestling each other into the walls, or when Jonah is laughing the entire time and trying to catch Zadok's clothes before he can get to them.

I miss not having a clothing line. One of my favorite pastimes in the world is hanging clothing out in the sunshine! But, it hasn't worked out so far in this house to have one. Maybe for the better since I have four children now and more work to do, plus the washing machine is all the way downstairs and lastly, it's cold, snowy, and rainy a lot of the year. Excuses, excuses.....
Maybe I'll get a summer clothing line someday when my littlest isn't so little anymore and my arms are more free.... We'll see.

Okay, It's time for me to get back to my laundry pile. After all, laundry is my life.

(I think it's funny that I've written about laundry before:
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Unknown said...

So in your book called Living the Real Life or something much more catchy, you would simply refer back to those chapters. Yes, it's perfect. Your upcoming book is pretty much already writte. Y ou've been a writer since you were a little girl & I still have many specimens.

Sally Jackson said...

Ha-ha. A book that only a mother would love. I'll have to write it just for you. :)

Sally Jackson said...

Ha-ha. A book that only a mother would love. I'll have to write it just for you. :)