Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Utah or Bust!

Our theme for this upcoming summer is UTAH or Bust! We're basically not making any travel plans other than exploring the beautiful, dynamic, and  natural outdoor resources right here in our own backyard! Last summer we were so busy roadtripping to California and flying to Hawaii  that we didn't do a lot of fun things right here in our very own neighborhood. This summer will be different!
Utah is one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been. People come here from all over the world to see for themselves the canyons and mountains and rivers and peaks and hoodoos and lakes that make this place so amazing. We haven't even touched the surface of all that is amazingly Utah!
Just recently we took our kids to Snow Canyon to hike around just for a couple hours on New Year's Day. We live just an hour from here! This place is fantastic for little kids who loves to run and climb all over the rocks! The kids can't wait to come back and camp in the Spring.

A couple of weeks ago Micah and I went out on a hiking date. We like to occasionally hire our favorite babysitter and go hiking up in the hills, just the two of us. This time we went hiking in the hills up behind our neighborhood. I had never been back there before! It was so gorgeous! The white snow on the red rocks really takes my breath away every time. I love it!
We took our two dogs walking with us. They went crazy running all over the place. We even lost one of them for a portion of the hike as he took off running up the mountain and never came back. We finally found him back at the beginning of the trail. Phew!
Anyways, it was a fun, romantic hike with my favorite husband and hiking companion.

I took the three older boys up in the red hills a week later to hike after church on Sunday. We had so much fun! They were making me laugh so hard the entire time. They were all  in these incredibly goofy, laughing moods that contagiously made each other and myself goofy and laughy all over again. There was this one moment where my five year old Jonah was trying to scramble up a steep incline. So I told my nine year old Zadok who was at the top of the incline to grab his hand and pull him up. My nine year old grabbed his hand, which was inside of a glove and pulled the glove right off! They started laughing hysterically. I got serious and told them to consider how dangerous it would've been if Zadok was pulling Jonah up from falling off a cliff. Imagine if you grabbed his hand but it was really his glove and it came right off and you had to watch Jonah fall to his death! I scolded. Zadok thought about this for a second then replied,"Well, at least I'd have something to remember him by."
Then they all started laughing again.
Boys, boys, boys.
After that we found a rock that looked like The Grinch. We decided this is where Whoeville is, but the Whos are too small to see so we might have been accidentally stepping all over them. 
In other exciting news, we turned our minivan in for a tour van. Yes, it's an actual 15-seater tour bus complete with beautiful western landscapes painted on the side doors. At first I scoffed at my husband for wanting to buy such a huge, extravagant van, but after thinking about it, it all made perfect sense. This will become our adventure wagon for all our camping and exploring needs! We can take out the 2 back seats and make room for all our camping gear, plethroa of children, and even our dogs! This van will go everywhere we go, checking off our Utah bucket list one canyon, one mountain, one river as we go!

Last but certainly not least, my baby turned 18 months old today. sniff sniff.  I don't know what to say--the time is going too fast! I want to bottle him up and save him forever like this. He's too darn cute. And that curly hair reminds me of a little cherub. I don't want to cut it, but I know eventually I'll have to. It's starting to get in his eyes. I tried a headband but he doesn't like wearing it. He also doesn't like it when I spray the detangler and brush the bedhead out of his hair. So, we shall see. Right now my favorite thing in the world is kissing those little cheeks and rubbing my fingers through those springy curls!
Here's my little buddy with his new boots that he hasn't taken off for three days because he loves them so much:
Utah Summer Bucket List:
Coyote Gulch
Mystic Hot Springs
Kanarraville Falls
Zion National Park (again and again)
Capitol Reef
Navajo Lake
Duck Creek
Yankee Meadows
Uintahs-Kings peak (Micah and Z-boy)

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