Friday, February 12, 2016

Anesthesia, sleep deprived

I am sharing the video footage my 9 year old took yesterday of me coming back from the anasthesia state-of-mind. Yesterday morning  I underwent dental surgery for my wonky tooth problem.  We are waiting in the car while my husband ran into the store. 
This was the very first time I've ever been put to sleep in my 37 years of living! It sure was a trip! I've heard that people say silly things while they are coming back from their anesthesia sleep, yet I wasn't anticipating the extreme disappointment I'd feel upon being woken back up! : "Why did she have to wake me up?" You should never wake up a sleeping person!" 
Perhaps my subconscious-sleep-deprived and drug-induced-mind is speaking the truth for every mother of little ones out there! You should never wake a sleeping mother, even if they are laying  in a facility bed, their time is up, and they are ready to go home after dental surgery. Never.

I shared this video on facebook. The reactions of my friends were priceless. Some laughed with me, some cried with me, but most complimented on how sweet and thoughtful my son was in validating my feelings every step of the way. He really is the best most caring kid. I am so blessed to have him. 

The second video is much shorter where he catches me rambling about people's hair in the parking lot. 


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