Thursday, March 10, 2016

Haha Just kidding. I'm still here.

Don't you just LOVE big, dramatic exits followed by "ahhhh, nevermind." I've decided that changing our minds, our hearts, and our directions is just part of life. It's the flexible, open-minded part of life that isn't black and white, but instead a colorful, brilliant opening, willing to accept whatever comes our way. Even if it means going back a little..... and changing our minds.

I had been feeling pretty confident all week long that my LLL Leader retirement date was set in stone.......
until I had a mom reach out to me asking to help her complete her training
...until I sat in a room full of breastfeeding women and babies and my heart melted all over again
...until I realized that giving up something you love isn't always the answer
...until I saw that by keeping my heart in LLL, I could also make room for other life missions
....until I realized that the group I had worked so hard to create was going to need my continued support until I could pass that support to another's hands.

All of these things are feeling right to me.
Therefore, I am taking back that last marching forth post as I March forth (or tenth, he he) to continuing to be the breastfeeding support advocate I feel strongly is still running through my veins. 
For as long as I need to be.
And here's more nursing photos, just because:

Photo credit goes to Raydean Whipple of HeyRay Photography. This is me nursing my 19 month old Malachi, just a week ago. :) 

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Yaaaaayyyyyyyy!!! Love, Yer mama