Friday, March 25, 2016

Pray+God+People= all the answers I need

My life is super busy, as it should be with four kids.....but lately my husband and I have both been feeling so drained and burnt out that getting up in the morning to meet the days demands has been a real struggle. --Lots of tears and feelings of resistance to the normal everyday events like washing the sheets every morning for a child that wets the bed, or making special meals each day for the child that just won't eat, or making extra time for the child that needs more attention....and on and on.
So I do what I know best and I pray for help: Help in any form will do. And guess what? help comes in the form of people who feel inspired to do a little extra, to show up, give a little more, and make things happen. I.e... the La Leche Leaders who are helping on my breastfeeding Facebook page, the breastfeeding moms who are helping each other, my Cub Scout Leaders that are doing their jobs, the neighbor girls that come walk our dogs just for fun, the soccer parents who stepped up last minute to coach my son's team, the Kindergarten teacher who loves my son even though we always forget to do the weekly homework, and the kind lady at Great Harvest Bread Company who gave my picky picky son an extra free slice of cinnamon chip bread because he loved it so much. 

All these blessings add up; some big, some small, but they've made my burdens feel lighter this week. 

God is amazing. Prayer is amazing. People are amazing. I can do this!

He loves the cat but does the cat love him?
My Cedar City drift-wood and California seashells Mobile
It's officially skirt-season
never too old for an airplane ride


Unknown said...

A few years ago I was in the middle of a dilemma - nothing new - they come & go but I had mentioned this to Peter, Genevieve's dad, to which he responded, Have you prayed about it? Bless his heart but it shocked me for a second because I pray about everything. Always. Nonstop praying. It's that having a prayer in your heart at a times.So it just sounded funny to me. The answers always come. I always know they will & this time also I knew it was just a matter of time. But until they do, I need to do my part in working it through, which I was doing at the time while it was still in the dilemma stage. :D Love, Yer Mama

Unknown said...

(yer Mama continued) ...yet the answers still continue to amaze & astound me - sometimes to the point of throwing me to my knees & tears in gratitude for each beautiful & specific solution & answer.