Thursday, June 30, 2016

Are manners becoming obsolete?

I am upset. I am disappointed in humanity. I am feeling sad about the state of manners being practiced in our world today. I feel like I just can't participate in this society anymore if this is how people are going to be. Good manners are essential to how we interact with people and the world around us, and frankly, I'm tired of trying to do my absolute best only to have everyone else flake out around me. I admit I'm not perfect at my manners but I am continually trying to be better. Sometimes I forget things, and sometimes I let things fall through the cracks when I'm just too busy, but there's always an apology to follow. Apologies are also good manners. 
Lately there's been too many incidences in my personal life of people not following through when I expect them to, and I'm feeling real disappointment today.  I finally understand why doctor's offices charge fees for "no shows." if I charged a fee for all the no shows in my life lately, I'd be buying myself a trip to Hawaii to help heal my pain.

So, here's a few tips of how to practise good manners from my  heart to the rest of the world:

1.If someone invites you to a party, or a play date, or to meet them at the park for popsicles, RSVP! It doesn't matter if the response is YES or NO. No is a legitimate response. It means you can't come but you care enough about the person to let them know you won't be there. It also helped them to know how many popscicles to buy.

2.If someone invites you on a date and wants to spend time with you, remember about it. Put it on your calendar. Schedule it into your smartphone. Not remembering and having to reschedule tells the person you don't care that much about them or their feelings.

3. If you commit to attending something that someone else paid for, go to it!  Rearrange your schedule so you can attend, even if it's a sacrifice. Cancelling is rude and a waste of  money.

4. If you commit to helping with an organization, do your part and follow through with your assignments. People are depending on you. Children are depending on you. Your commitments are not optional, they are something you said you would do and those around you expect you to do your share. 

4. If you receive an email, respond to it. if you can't get to it right away, let the person know that you will be back with a more lengthy response in due time.

5. If you receive a phone call that needs a response, call the person back.
Same goes with text messages.

6. If someone sends you a gift, acknowledge you received it. Say "thank you." Say "I got the gift." Say something or anything so the person knows it was received or even appreciated. By not acknowledging gifts received you are communicating that you either didn't like the gift nor do you want any gifts in the future. 

7. "Please", thank you, "no thank you", "You're welcome" "excuse me", and "May I", are still phrases we use today to communicate grace and courtesy in our interactions with others. Use them.

Rant over.