Saturday, July 30, 2016

July 2016 Calendar

Here's the July low-down, before I throw the July page away.

-held my monthly La Leche League Support meeting on the first day of the month!

-Attended the luau of a friend. It was a blast of fun and homesickness all in one. 

-4th of July! Hiked down into Taylor's Creek in Kolob Canyon with 3 out of 4 of my boys. Odin and Micah took a trip up to Antelope Island where they camped for 3 days and went to Lagoon.

-Attended a birthday pool party for Odin's friend Rulon. Sad to see their family move, but it was fun to hang out one last time.

-Held a Mom's club playdate at my house. It was my first but probably my last. Nothing wrong with Mom's Club, I just don't see myself getting very involved in the Club in the future.

-Did some local sight-seeing up to Navajo Lake, Duck Creek, and the ice cave. The lake was cold and windy. The boys liked playing in the little creek at Duck Creek.

-Attended a Relief Society activity where we colored ABC books and made beaded lizard toys to give to refugees.

-Met with my LLL Leader Applicant and went over her Preview of Mother's Questions. Excited to be training a new LLL Leader for Cedar City!

-Spent the day at Zion National Park with Jordan and her family. Took the shuttle to our favorite spot in the Virgin river then Jordan took us to jump off the rock in Pine Creek. Odin jumped 16 times. We found Froggywogs (half frog, half polliwog) and Jonah discovered that they could play dead when you picked them up.

-I got to substitute as the Primary Singing leader one Sunday. I taught the primary kids The HandCart Song, which was a lot of fun.

-Had a big backyard party for Malachi's 2nd birthday, including slip n slide bouncy castle, lots of food and lots of  friends. I prepared a big pot of chili, rice, watermelon, grapes, chips, candies, hot dogs, and pretzels. Micah baked cupcakes and made the cake! We blasted reggae music and partied for hours. It was a train party and Malachi wore a special shirt that said,"Choo Choo I'm 2!"

-I babysat Payzlee a few more times before our neighbors moved. Sad week, sad day. We helped them load the moving truck. I got pizzas and Gatorades for the moving party, then we waved goodbye.

-I substituted the CTR 5A Primary Class at church. I asked the kids what thing they could do to be kind to others and one boy yelled out,"BE NICE!" But I thought he yelled out PEANUTS! We had a good laugh.

-Jonah turned 6! And Grandpa Bill came to town! We ate at Ihop, then had his birthday party, then went camping. We camped at Sunglow one night, then at Capitol Reef for 2 more nights. My Dad's bother Harold and wife Kay met us. We hiked the Capitol Gorge Hike. Zadok and Micah hiked through something called the Frying pan. Yikes.

-I forgot to pay the water bill again

-I got my braces tightened again and my tooth yanked down. My impacted tooth is descending very quickly. You can see the tip of it descending into my gums. So exciting!

-July 31- Sunday, day of rest and rejuvenation.

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Unknown said...

One more thing: You created a most beautiful art object with shells & beads hanging from driftwood & sent it to your mama for my 65th birthday - 4th of July which I got to spend home on Oahu. You called me then and sent me other fun items which included my happy, mason jar sippy set-up. Thank you. I love you.