Friday, July 1, 2016

May and June 2016

Every month when I tear the last month's calendar page off the calendar to make way for the new month, I think I should keep it to remember all the things we did that month. Instead, I will tear it off, post it here, and throw it away. We keep a BIG calendar in our kitchen filled with all our activities, dates. and anything we need to remember. 
Here's a brief encounter with May and June.


Last weeks of school for the boys. Mini Mall in the gym. Odin making rubber band animals to sell at Mini Mall.

End of Spring Soccer season. I am Team Mom! Planned an end of season soccer party at our house. 

Micah got his beehives going and intrigued us with his beekeping and bees.

Outdoor Cub Scout Pack Meeting with obstacle course. Easy planning. Went great!

Swim party at the Aquatic center for all the patients of my orthodontics office. Too crowded. never again.

Got my hair did.

Jonah went camping at Zion with Micah. First time not camping in a tent. 

Trip to Eugene, Oregon with Malachi to see my sister and niece. Celebrated her 40th birthday. Enchanted Forest. Saw all my siblings and my mom. Fun!

Got to hang out with Shannon. My BFFFFFFFFFFFFFF


Cub Scout Day Camp with Odin and the ward cubs.

Got my Palatal Expander removed! Yeehaw!! (teeth stuff)

Summer water/squirt gun party at our house with friends.

Odin and Jonah went to 4-H T-shirt coloring camp.

Ladybug Nursery fun day! Train rides, digging for gold, catching goldfish, free lunch, very windy!

Beginning of swim season at the lake on the hill.

Special Mom and Odin time: Went bowling and to the arcade. Intoduced Odin to Pinball!

Father's Day! Free plants fron ladybug. Beard shampoo. Church.

Family camping at Zion! Swimming holes, polliwogs, bicycles up and down the trail. So fun!

Father and Son Webelos day camp for Micah and Zadok. They left at lunch and went hiking together instead.

Pinewood Derby. Zadok made a Cheese car, Odin made a Ghost car. Neither of them won.

Took my college readiness assesment. Transferred my college transcripts. Going back to school ept. 1st to get my B.A. in Elementary Education. 

Hiked Kanarraville Falls with Lacey. Overcoming my fear of flash floods.

First day I noticed my impacted tooth poking through the surface of my gums. Hallelujah!! (more teeth stuff)

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