Friday, October 14, 2016

September 2016 Calendar

Oh September, I'm so glad you are over.  What an overly-busy, jam-packed, over-scheduled, exhausting-month of non-stop running! Sure there were some special and enjoyable moments, but for the most part I am happy to say goodbye to you, September. Time to move on to the quieter and calmer days of Fall.....well at least until Halloween season hits, with  it's myriad of costumey, candy, trick or treaty- social activities!

Here's the September calendar:

September 1- Sally works on college day! On M,W, and Th I drop Malachi off at pre-school for 2 hours while I work on college.. i.e reading, studying, note-taking, flash cards, and tests, Oh fun!

September 2- My last LLL meeting for a long time. I passed the monthly leading reigns onto my new Co-Leader who will be leading the monthly meetings and enrichments while I focus on school. I did a special ceremony to welcome her as a new Leader. The meeting was bittersweet for me. I have loved leading meetings over the past 8 years, meeting new moms, and creating this community of wonderful mothers, yet I feel it is time for me to move on. I'm still taking helping phone calls, creating awareness, and helping to run the facebook group.  Who knows, maybe I'll be back to leading meetings at a later date in life.

September 3- Took Malachi and Jonah and went on a little road trip up North to see my friend Lacey.  Lacey and her family  moved and I have missed her sorely. Apparently  I took the long, winding way up there and made my kids car sick. On the car ride there Malachi puked everywhere and Jonah felt nauseous. The baptism was beautiful and it was so fun to connect with their family again. We sure miss having them as neighbors! For the ride home we found out the short and quick way, thank goodness.

September 5- Z has soccer practice every Monday evening. His coach seems pretty good, so far. Lots of running, warm-ups, and drills for the boys.

September 6- We bought a three-month family pass to the aquatic center. We now have an established one day a week where our family goes and swims together plus Micah and I take turns swimming laps for exercise.

September 7- O had soccer practise, which turned out to be his last soccer practice for the season (last game ending on Oct. 8th) This coach didn't seem to want to schedule practices so Odin didn't learn too much this time around. I've heard that having soccer practices increases skill level, provides needed exercise, creates camaraderie on a team, and builds confidence in team members, but what do I know...I'm not the head coach. I'm pretty sure if my boys ever play soccer again I or my husband will be coaching them, mostly so we can do things the way we think they need to and should be done.

September 7- Jonah had his walk-a-thon fundraiser at school today. He ran 20 laps! He came home so excited that he ran so many laps! (we forgot to solicit donations from family members, but he had fun running anyways and apparently the school still made lots of money)

September 10-Busy Saturday! Attended a little friend's football game, then O had a soccer game and Z had a soccer game. I sub-coached O's soccer game. (Soccer games are every Saturday until October 8th)

September 15-Micah went to Salt Lake City for a work related conference thingy. I was left alone at home to freak myself out.

September 16-  Tonight we had little friends over and ordered pizza. We invited Jonah's friend Sean over from school. I can never tell if Jonah is enjoying himself or not. He doesn't really like playing with other kids unless they are teenage girls devoting all their time and energy to his playing needs.  I still encourage him to at least pretend he likes to play with other kids his age because he likes the idea of it, just not the real thing. ha ha.

September 20-Took Malachi into the doctor for a physical before he has to go in for dental work next week. He is healthy and happy as a normal healthy and happy two-year old toddler can be! He eats good foods, he drinks plenty water, he breastfeeds good nutritious milk, he runs, he plays, he talks and talks and talks, and has great social skills. We ended up getting a couple vaccines that he needed so that night he was a little feverish and cranky. Yes, we vaccinate our kids! People always assume we don't for whatever reasons or labels  they've decided to create around our family, but I assure you we are pro-vaccine. We've taken the liberty to be choosy and created a vaccine schedule and timeline we feel safe with, but overall we DO vaccinate against debilitating, life-threatening illnesses. (Can you imagine living in a world where everyone decided not to vaccinate? I think we'd all be dead.)

September 22- My Visiting Teachers came to visit. Always a wonderful, uplifting, and inspirational time to connect with like-minded women. I love Nicole and Hannah and am so grateful they are my friends. 

September 24-Took Jonah to a birthday party at the park for a little girl in his class. It was a pirates and princess party. Jonah got his face painted. He wanted a dragon--any color, he said. 

September 27- Malachi's big day for dental work at the hospital. His anaesthesia was set for 9am, which meant he couldn't eat or drink since midnight the night before. He was allowed to have clear liquids like apple juice up to two hours before the drugs, but he didn't want much. Everything went great. Micah took the day off to support us. This is the second toddler I've seen come out of anaesthesia and I'm so grateful that I've been able to offer the breast right away. They are so delusional and out-of-it so having milkies is an instant and familiar comfort. Malachi got two front teeth capped and one filling. This was a result of neglecting his teeth last year when I was too busy trying to figure out how to be a mother of four. GAH!

September 28-Took all 3 older kids to the dentist. No cavities! Dentist told me "your kids have some of the cleanest teeth I've ever seen." (See, I am doing some things right!)

September 30- Got my eyebrows waxed after letting them grow out for 2 months. I just wanted to see how bushy and wild they would get after plucking them consistently for the past 20 years. It was a fun experiment. Never again. 
September 30th evening- Pack Meeting in the Jackson's backyard. Each Den did a skit, plus awards and at the end we made smores over our fire-pit. It was a lot of fun and reminded me once again why we bought this funky house with the BIG backyard.

Pictures to come of September activites. Please Check back later! I haven't uploaded them from my phone, yet, which takes a few minutes. (A few minutes I don't really have but will pretend I have while I ignore my kids while they eat all the granola bars and ransack the house.) 

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