Sunday, November 13, 2016

October 2016 Calendar

Better Late than never, right?

October 1 and 2--general Conference weekend. These church conferences happen twice a year where we get to relax at home and watch our wonderful, strong, amazing church Leaders give spiritually uplifting and morally guiding talks.

October 4- I went to the chiropractor as my hip had been hurting me and my body just felt "off" since I ran that half marathon back in August. I couldn't go jogging, I was walking with slight discomfort in my hip, I couldn't sit down without pain in my hip, and my back kept hurting under my shoulder blade. After seeing the chiropractor I found out that pelvis was tilted backwards, causing my right leg to be shorter than my left leg. I also had a rib out of place. After a few minutes of putting everything back in it's rightful places, I was as good as new. No more pain and I'm running again! God bless chiropractors!

October 9-Got to substitute in nursery with Malachi. Love all those cute babies.

October 12-Jonah went on a field trip to the Braithwaite Art Gallery. he came home and told me that he wants to take our whole family there so we can see all the cool art.

October 16- Was asked to serve in our Relief Society Presidency as second counselor. I gladly accepted. I am excited to serve the Lord in new ways. I am nervous to give up more time. However I know that when we do the Lord's will we are blessed ten-fold.

October 17-Started homeschooling Z-boy again. Now I have Z and O homeschooling together, which has been fun for the both of them, those best friend brothers.

October 18-Micah and I went out on a date to St. George. We ate at In-N-Out burger for the first time in over ten years. Meh. I just can't get that excited about a burger and fries. However we also went to the temple and did work for our ancestors which was pretty awesome.

October 24-We had concrete poured in our front yard and extended the driveway. Micah worked really hard to make this happen. Zadok and I helped under his direction. We now have a bigger walkway and driveway for better convenience. It was really rainy that day and we were all sick, but it turned out nice.

October 27--I organized and threw a Cub Scouts mini-Halloween carnival for our Dens.  We had games like monster bowling, bean bag toss, balloon darts (my game), and musical chairs, and made caramel apples! It was a blast! I'm going to really miss being Cub Master!(although they haven't released me, yet!)

October 29-Our boys were invited to a neighbor's Halloween party. They got all dressed up and had a blast. It was fun seeing them playing with all the cute neighbor kids.

October 31-HALLOWEEN! Trunk or Treating, Trick or Treating, and fun with friends. I sure do love dressing up and enjoying the holiday festivities with my boys! This year Z was an archer, O was Thor, J was a ninja, and little M was whatever J was last year--a doggie.

October was great!

Getting the yard ready for concrete.

Zadok writing out his movie script.

 Fun at the Cub Scout carnival! Odin and Jonah helped me paint that wooden pallet for the ballooon dart game.
I also asked Odin to make a sign that said Bean Bag Toss and he ended up making a sign that said "Bean Beg Toos." He claims he wasn't paying attention to the spelling. hahahahaha

 The MIGHTY Thor!
 Those are Root-beer flavored worms by the way! Yum!

 3/4 of my adorable boys

 My friend Hannah and I. I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to be.
 These two friend showed up with the same costume on and didn't even plan it!

Guess who?

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