Thursday, November 3, 2016

Seven days of Celebrating Marriage

With our 12 year wedding anniversary coming up, I thought I would re-post the challenge I had posted on facebook several months ago to celebrate and support marriage! It was really fun for me to think up things to post about my husband everyday for seven days, and I'd like to post them here so I can see them again (I never go back and look at my old posts on facebook.)

 (Day #1)  I met Micah on a blind date on a cold night in February 2003. I was going to college in Utah. He was a homeless hippie aka Wilderness-therapy guide. It was love at first sight. We got married 9 months later after falling deeply, happily, madly in love. I had no idea how to be married or where life was heading, or what to do next: Getting married was a HUGE leap of faith with trust in the Lord that He would give my life happiness and normalcy in a relationship. And He has. Not without sacrifice, struggle, and immense growth, but He has!! I love you Micah, with all my heart and life and soul. We often butt heads  and have different opinions all our own. I'm an extrovert. He's an introvert. And theres million little differences that could add up to failure, but our LOVE and devotion and loyalty to one another, our family, the gospel, and the beauty of life stays strong and keeps getting stronger every day we are married.

Day #2 of the Love your spouse (and celebrate marriage) challenge: The first gift Micah ever gave me when we were dating was a bottle of fancy white-out. He knew I wasn't a roses and diamonds kinda girl, but I had a serious thing for office supplies. He's really good at paying attention to the things I like and getting gifts that match me. 😃 (I, on the other hand, kinda suck at this and have learned from his example.)

Day #3 3 So, on our second date Micah invited me to drive up the mountains to the Sp. Fork hot springs. Part way driving up the road we got stuck in the snow. We had to spend the night in the back of his camper truck til morning. All he had in there was one shovel, one sleeping bag, and some Sinead O'conner Cd's. It made for a very interesting night! But, I learned a few vital things about Micah: he's really good at getting out of scrapes, he doesn't panic in tough situations, and he was a perfect gentleman. Nothing compares to you Micah, Nothing compares to you.......

Day #4 of the Love your spouse, celebrate marriage challenge:
I told Micah once that his lips were so soft and I loved kissing him so then he responded by explaining that his lips had been sunburned and then the skin peeled off, and the result was a form of macrodermic abrasion of the Labium (superius oris). Then he sent me an NPR episode called "The Science of Kissing." And that's when I realized that being married to a scientist was going to be deeply satisfying in a totally different way. 

(Click here for the podcast and transcript of "The Science of Kissing")

Day #5 of Love you Spouse challenge::Funny I was going to go digging for this photo today, but it popped up into my memories instead. This was the first time I saw Micah without his beard after 8 years of marriage and I barely recognized him! I think he's dead sexy with or without a beard.

Day #6. When we were dating I had told Micah that there was a little tradition on the Anasazi trail that if you carved someone a spoon it meant I LOVE YOU. The next week when he got off shift from the Red cliffs trail he gifted me the most beautiful, carved wooden spoon. He loved me!!. And he wanted to prove it right away. 

Today's harvest! (this was back in August)

and Day #7 to post about how much I love and adore my husband Micah.
He loves to grow food. Not only as a hobby but a spiritual practice, which brings him closer to the earth and the source of her strength, our Heavenly Father. I love this about him, and the great effort he makes each year to grow a beautiful garden for our family.

On November 12th will be our 12 year anniversary of being married. I am so grateful for the love, devotion, and companionship of my husband Micah.

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