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December 2016 Calendar-and that's a wrap!

December 1-Family Movie Night at Jonah's school. They played the film "Finding Dori." The gymnasium was packed full of kids in pajamas on blankets eating loads of popcorn. Jonah had a blast! I really enjoyed the movie, too, but couldn't see or hear it very well as I was also wrangling little Malachi the whole time plus refilling on popcorn and water for Jonah. I went to walmart and bought a copy so we could watch it again later. "We see the undertow and we say, Heck No!"

December 3: Stake Conference Weekend:

We left our eldest son  home to babysit for the first time so Micah and I could attend the Stake Conference evening session. We were gone a whole two hours away from home. I was nervous at first and didn’t want to do it but felt like we should give it a shot. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a date plus we always enjoy the evening session of SC. So, off we went! We ordered pizza, got out the Finding Dori movie for them to watch that I originally was going to wrap up and put under the tree, and left our big mature Zadok to babysit his three little brothers-8,6, and 2 years old. We knew there was no way he’d change a poopy diaper so we just hoped Malachi would not poop while we were gone.
Well, it went great and Zadok did a wonderful job! When we got home there was a plastic soccer ball taped to the living room ceiling  as a disco ball, a Weird Al song blasting, and 4 little boys dancing around the living room. This might be one of my favorite memories ever.
Oh and Micah and I had a wonderful time listening to Elder Blake Roney speak great things!

December 6-Took Z, O, and M to a Christmas concert at the local high school. It was free and so I thought any chance to listen to Christmas music and expose my children to the arts is a good thing, right? We stayed for about 30 minutes before Malachi started talking too loud and disturbing the peace then we left and got cream-filled Churros at Taco Time. I don't remember what was so funny, but I remember laughing a lot that night. My boys are so fun.

December 7-Took the whole family to Christmas at the Homestead, which was a really delightful evening of visiting the Homestead Museum of Iron County. It was really cold as we walked around outside, but they warmed us up with hot chocolate, candy cane popcorn, and lovely Christmas lights. We visited with Santa Claus in the old farmhouse, walked inside the old sheep-sheering barn, tasted caramel apples and cornbread in the old school house, sat in the old stage-coaches in the museum area, made bead ornaments, listened to a violin chorus, and watched the miniature trains go around the miniature tracks over and over and over again (that was for Malachi).

December 8-Relief Society Christmas tradition night.

December 12- I did it! I finally did it! I hired a cleaning service to come to our home twice and month and help me clean! Today was our first day and it was pure heavenly awesomeness. They scrubbed the bathrooms, the kitchen, and especially those hard-to-reach places that I just don't have time for. I feel a huge burden lifted from my life! I feel like taking care of this house and these four boys is not such a daunting task now that I have a little more help. My wise, wise, mama friends encouraged me to do this. They said that monthly budgeting for help is as essential as budgeting for food. I couldn't agree more! *Sparkly bathrooms!

December 13-Micah and Zadok drive to California for Micah's sister's wedding. Fun road-trip with just the two of them!

December 14- Micah's older sister got married today. It was a small ceremony at a park in Glendale followed by a burrito bar and family time. We're so happy for her and her husband. They are a wonderful couple that are perfect for each other.
December 14-Orthodontic appointment. Doc says my teeth are looking super straight and moving super fast! They put on my second to last wires and are preparing for my braces removal in the next 4-5 months. Hallelujah! So excited! Excited to get this metal stuff off my teeth and excited to see my new smile! p.s. My new tooth they pulled down is awfully pointy! I kinda like it but also wonder if I should get it filed down to match the other side. Got red, green, and white rubber bands for Christmas.
December 14-Ward Christmas Party at the church. I made ten pounds of mashed potatoes that didn't get eaten because there was so much food!

December 15- Micah and Z stopped at Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada on their way back from CA. They hiked around and saw some wild big horn sheep! Z was fascinated by the sheep and wanted to follow and observe them for a long time. They had a great time hiking around and climbing on the colorful rocks. Micah wants to take our family back to camp there sometime.

December 17-Brought dinner to a family in the ward who's mama is recovering from a brain tumor operation. I made Shepard's pie, which requires lots of mashed potatoes. Luckily, I had some extra.

December 18-First time making Gingerbread houses at home with our family. I kind of half-ass-hot-glued some graham crackers together then laid out tons of frosting, candy, and sprinkles. The boys had a blast making them. They got eaten within a day. Pictures below.

December 22-Christmas Break begins! Micah and Jonah won't have school and we'll have lotsa family time!
Took my sweet, little Odin to the haircut store to get a tiny trim. The awful hairdresser chopped three inches off his locks and gave him layers! And then tried to fix it and gave him a girly-looking bob! It was such a sad day to see his beautifukl hair get butchered like that, especially as he is trying to grow it out really long. Odin was really upset about it all day, but was also a really good sport. I, of course, felt really bad for taking him in. His dad fixed it the best he could and Odin's been wearing hats all month and hoping it will grow back quickly!

December 24-Christmas Eve. Took Jonah on a special mommy-son date to see the movie Moana. We loved it! Made me homesick, but we loved it! Jonah especially loved that stupid chicken that kept eating rocks.
Christmas Eve evening, we lit candles and Micah read us the story of Christ's birth from the Bible. We sang Christmas hymns and felt the spirit of this beautiful holiday celebrating our Saviour.
Micah and I stayed up wrapping presents, filling stockings, and me making cinnamon rolls for the morning.

December 25- Christmas Day. Oh how I love Christmas morning! The boys woke up to stockings filled with toys and goodies and presents wrapped under the tree. We opened our presents and could feel the light and love of this special day! I felt like Micah and I did really good picking out gifts for our children. It was fun to plan ahead and pick out things we knew they would love. Z and O spent the entire morning sticking labels on everything with their new, electronic label makers. We went for a walk later in the day and they happily used their new walkie talkies. Jonah started making Perler bead art right away, and we couldn't peel Mally away from his new train set all day.
We attended Church for one hour from 11-12. The Bishop told us that Christmas won't fall on a Sunday for another 8 years. I looked over at my Z boy who will be 18 the next time we sit in church together on Christmas day. Oh my heart! I savored that moment of sitting next to my sons and husband on this beautiful Christmas day in the church we love so much.
Then Malachi got really tied so I took him to the nursing lounge to rock where we both fell asleep in the rocking chair and didn't wake up til the closing prayer. Merry Christmas!

December 26-Micah and Z went shooting guns at the range.

December 27-Micah and Malachi start getting sick today with terrible colds which end up lasting the entire rest of the winter break. Poor husband and baby M. I got sick, too, with a semi-bad cold that lasted a week. Micah was so sick one day that all he could do was lay there in bed doing absolutely nothing. Not bored and not moving, just sick, sick, sick.
Miraculously Z,O, and J stayed well and continued having all the hyper energy they needed.

December 28-I met with the new Cub Master and officially passed the buck to the new guy. I was Cub Master for 2 years! It was a lot of fun and I seriously thought I would do it until all my boys went through the Cub Scouting program, but alas, God had other plans for me. We definitely had some good times! My favorite moment ever was watching my shy, cautious, anxious 9 year old Z do a magic show in front of a room full of people. It was a proud moment for this mama!

December 30-Sick of being sick, Micah and I took the boys down to St. George to climb on the rocks and play in the warmer weather. Pioneer Park has always been one of our favorite family play zones, overlooking the city of St. George.

December 31- Goodbye 2016! It was a great year filled with many adventures and growth!
Malachi and I were the only ones up at midnight to ring in the new year because of his funky nap schedule as of lately. Some days he skips naps and then crashes at 7pm and then wakes back up at 10pm ready to party right when everyone is going to sleep. Therefore I stay up late with him where we watch movies and sleep in the upstairs bed in the TV room where I get exhausted waiting for him to get tired. Good times.
Happy New Year one and all!! I sure hope 2017 is filled with lots of good things!

Up late making service coupons for his brother on Christmas eve

One of my favorite gifts Christmas morning was this popscicle creation Jonah made for his dad.


Valley of Fire State Park:

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