Saturday, February 11, 2017

Fly Like an Eagle

We've experienced some pretty amazing Bald Eagle sightings up at the lake on the hill this past week. The first time we spotted two of them, circling over the lake then landing gracefully on the top of the ice. They stood there for quite a awhile seeming to rest and groom themselves amongst the other birds and ducks. They are magnificent creatures to watch-with 8 foot wingspans, white feathered heads, enormous talons, powerful beaks, and shiny, black eyes, you can't help but stop everything and get sucked into observing their awesomeness as long as they will let you. 
The second time we spotted an Eagle was near the lake again, but this time Jonah and I were driving in the car, on our way to Walmart to buy a gift for his friend's birthday party that day. We saw it soaring high above the trees, circling the area with great bursts of speed and then gliding slowly around the clouds. We pulled over to get a better look. 

Jonah loves animals. He loves talking about them, looking at pictures of them, learning more about them, and then collecting them in stuffed-animal form to snuggle. He knows a lot about large birds and can tell you all about the local fowls living near these mountains and lakes. To Jonah, a Bald Eagle sighting is something special to talk about the rest of the week.
This photo courtesy of google images

As I looked up at the Bald Eagle I admired it's freedom to fly wherever it wanted to go.  It was the end of another busy week, full of rushing kids to and from activities, cooking meals, washing endless loads of dishes, meeting deadlines, managing the cleanliness and sanitation of our house, and basically keeping on top of everything that is raising a little family of small children. It was Saturday morning and I was feeling  pretty exhausted. So when I looked up at that Bald Eagle I felt a sense of yearning for my moment of liberation--to soar above the clouds and glide freely above the trees-to break free from all the constant responsibilities. Is it possible to feel jealous of an Eagle for just a tiny moment? I suppose so.

I turned to Jonah and expressed my desire to be like that Eagle-to soar up in the sky like that flying Eagle. "I wish I could be an Eagle sometimes," I said, "I could go wherever I wanted and do whatever I wanted, and fly all over the place!"
 I will never forget his wise reaction. He immediately looked over at me and said,"Not if you have eggs to lay on and a nest to take care of and chicks to feed...... Then you can't really go anywhere!"

Once again my children teach me that my life is exactly what it needs to be! As busy as I am, and as chaotic as my mothering life seems at times,  I am fulfilling the grand and beautiful measure of my creation just as God created all of His creatures to do. There are times to soar and glide and fly freely--to be liberated from responsibilities, and there are times to be busy tending to all the little chicks in my nest. Right now my nest is full and I wouldn't have it any other way!
I sure love my wise little Jonah, one of my sweet baby chicks. He taught me a great lesson this week about living to the fullest in the moment.