Monday, March 6, 2017

Our mountain trail

We recently discovered this really fun trail in the hills near our home. Since I realized that we could go up there and explore, we've been going at least once a week. It was a trail I would walk past almost every time I went running, yet just assumed it went to nowhere. One day I got brave and followed it and quickly realized it was going to be the latest and coolest thing for our family to do. If you know us, you know we like having our special nature spots to call our own.
This particular trail has all the elements I look for in an awesomely awesome, nature-friendly hang out for my family:
1. It's out of the way and not many people go on it. In fact, we haven't seen another soul on the mountain in the past 3 months.
2. It has wild life! We've spotted deer, jack rabbits, hawks and crows, and I even saw a red fox darting through the bushes the other day.
3. It has a steep incline for exercise purposes. My glutes love it when I hike up this trail.
4. It has cool rocks to climb onto and enjoy the view from the top. (We can see the Temple!)
5. It's close to our house so we can walk or drive there, whatever we are feeling up to.
6. It's close enough to society that I feel safe whilst alone with the kids up there.
7. It has interesting rocks, old animal bones, and lots of sticks and mud--all things little boys love to pick up and collect.
8. We can bring the dogs and let them run free. (although Thunder chases the deer away.)
9. My boys love it.

There are also many other fun trails near our home that we like to frequent, but this one is winning my heart for all the above reasons. One of my favorite things about living here is that it takes just a few mere minutes before you are immersed in nature. If you need to get away and breathe some fresh air and have a moment to yourself, all you have to do is head for the hills!

On a snowy day in the hills:

 On a not-so-snowy day in the hills.
 One day when we went to the hills I told Odin that I was going to run up the steep trail to get my heart-rate pumping and get some good exercise. I told him that it's okay if he can't keep up, "Just go at your own pace and meet me at the top," I said. As I started making my way up the trail I quickly noticed that he was going to do everything in his power to beat me to the top. He started scrambling up the steepest part of the rocky hill-side, knocking through bushes, and scrambling through trees, determined to take short-cuts and get their first.  And he did! He was panting, exhausted, and out-of-breath, but that little Odin made it! And of course, he made me smile. 

Please take us running. Please take us to the hills. Oh please, please, please, please.....

I often take the bigger boys to the hills in the morning after I drop Jonah off at school. On other days, Jonah's favorite place to go is Three Peaks to collect iron ore. He has a huge bag of it that weighs like 40 pounds. He says he's going to become a Blacksmith someday and "smelt it" into really cool things.

Have a beautiful day finding spots of nature to call your own! We will, too!

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