Saturday, October 28, 2017

DIY Catboy Costume from PJ Masks

This was a really easy costume to make for a toddler. If he was a little older and wearing this to school, I probably would've put more time and effort into the details, but I didn't feel it was necessary for a tiny toddler costume. This costume cost me $7 to make and countless hours of happiness coming from my Catboy loving three year old!
What you'll need:
Dark blue shirt
Dark blue pants
Light blue felt
fabric scissors
hot glue and gun
A needle and thread or sewing machine for small stitches

It's pretty self explanatory but I just basically cut out the various "lightening bolt" shapes and hot glued them onto the clothing. I followed the patterns on the actual Catboy costume photo ($20 from Amazon).
I sewed the cat-head onto the shirt because it was bigger and easier to sew on. I also sewed 3-4 small stitches onto the lightening bolts on various points to hold them into place in case the glue gave way.

Lastly, I got a headband from the Dollar Store and hot glued cat ears onto it.  I've seen other Catboy costumes with masks, but I knew my toddler wouldn't last a second wearing a mask over his face, so I went with a headband. It's perfect and he loves it!

I love making costumes like this--easy, inexpensive, and brings so much Halloween  joy to my boy!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Video Editing 101

I've been trying my hand at video editing! It's really exciting for me to take our family photos and home videos and turn them into something fun to watch. I've always wanted to learn how, but had to wait until my oldest child was old enough to figure it all out and then teach me. Haha! That dern younger generation and their natural knack for technology!

Here's one of Z getting his cast off:

Here's our  family vacation this past summer: